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24option broker trading tips

The 24Option Review

Like you already know the crypto trading represent one of the investment methods of the financial sector. To invest and get incredible results each day thousands of people starting to invest with this new method. There is a lot of money involved in these investments. Some brokers try to take advantage of that by scamming people that’s why its recommend using the most reliable brokers. This 24option review is about one of the best brokers in the world that is 24option. This broker is a main reference when talking about bitcoin trading.


There are other brokers that say they are the most secure brokers of the world, but if you don’t see any proof don’t believe it. For money a lot of people will even try to sell you anything doesn’t matter if its good or bad. For this reason I bring you a full review of this broker so you have proof that this is one of the best brokers in the world.

24 Option Regulations – 24option Minimum Deposit

Because, 24Option is regulated with CySEC there is no kind of doubt to give our trust. You can’t open a USA account, the 24option minimum deposit quantity to operate a minimum of $24 and a maximum of $50000.

When 24Option started it was not a broker with license. Because of this a lot of people were afraid to deposit money on this broker and never getting the money back because of some kind of scam. But even without license this broker payed the money to all their users. Not long after that 24option got regulated by CySEC. This demonstrates that even with a humble beginning it is possible to do great things. But in case someone doesn’t have it clear…. 24Option is 100% secure.

Why is it important that it is regulated by CySEC?

CySEC is a financial regulator based in Cyprus that is part of the European union. It main purpose is to extend a strict security with the managements of the money of the broker and its users. It is the maximum regulator of the crypto currency trading platforms. That is why because 24Option is covered by them it says a lot of the trustworthiness and quality of the broker.


Thanks to this regulation we shouldn’t doubt not 1 second about working with this broker that we are speaking of today. Another thing that the CySEC organization provides is that each broker has to have the money of each client in an account that is protected by the government.

Type of Available operations

24 Option provides multiple types of operations suited for every type of trader:

High and low Operations: It’s the most common operation in this broker.  All you have to do is determine if the value of an asset is going to rise or drop in a certain amount of time. This is the most simple operations and recommended for beginners.

One Touch Operations: With this type of operations you just need to predict what value the active is going to reach at some point. You don’t need to set a time it just needs to reach that value.

Boundary Options Operations: This operation is very similar to the standard ones, but its main difference is that you can determine a range or a limit in which the asset will end or not end in a agreed period of time.

60 Seconds Options: This type of operation is one of the most profitable. It works by choosing if an asset is will rise or drop in the next 60 seconds. The best thing of this operation is the short time trade to get results. So you can earn money very fast with this operation.


These operations can be done with a big variety of assets that the broker will give access to. You can choose between 43 public company assets, 30 types of currency, 11 Raw materials like gold and oil and 19 indexed trading values.

Available accounts in 24 Option

At the moment you want to start in 24option you will be given the option to chose one of these 5 accounts:

Basic Account: In this case the first withdraw is completely free and there is no type of commission. It also includes a 24/7 support and free basic trading tools. This account gives a profitability of 82%.


Silver Account: This account offers the same like the basic account but ads advanced trading tools, a personal trainer and trading signals. This account gives 82% of profitability.

Gold Account: This account has the same benefits as the silver account. It including the 24/7 support and the personal trainer but this time they provide better trading signals and access to live trading with professionals. The profitability of this account is 84%.

Platinum Account: Thanks to this account you will be able to retire all the money you want completely free of commission charge. It keeps everything from the gold account and adds professional trading tools, VIP trading signals and session with a financial expert. The profitability of this account goes up to 86%.

Diamond Account: This account offers everything that the gold account has. It also gives the chance to win draws and receive prizes and Football tickets to watch the Juventus of Turin matches. The Profitability of this account is a wooping 88% !.

24option Demo account for new users

Apart from the other 5 account 24Option makes it is possible to open a 24option demo account for new users. This account is perfect for people without experience that want to have a taste of what trading is like before they start with the real thing.


To get access to this account we need to deposit at least $250 in the broker platform. After doing that we need to ask our personal manager to activate the demo account. With the 24option demo account we will be able to trade with all the assets that are normally provided. This way we can practice predictions and investment strategies before trying it out with the real account.The advantage is that with this account you won’t be risking any money.

Deposit and withdraw

24Option is one of the brokers with best options of deposit and withdraw in the market. You have over 24 types of payments and withdraw methods. There is several payment platforms that will adjust to our needs.


How to deposit money?

To deposit you can choose one of the third party methods like Money Bookers, CashU and Perfect Money etc.. you can also deposit using the traditional way with money transfer or with credit card. The bad side is that it doesn’t include Paypal for money deposit. The good side is that 24Option will pay any commission for depositing money that your bank would charge you.

How to withdraw the money?

When we talk about withdraw the brokers normally have less options than with the deposits. But 24Option still has a 10 options to withdraw. That is much better than the 2 or 3 options that you can normally get from other brokers. The withdraw options includes money transfer or money receive platforms like Money Bookers or Moneta. The idea is that the traders are comfortable when using this platform.

The withdraws take 3 working days to approve and another 3 to transfer to your bank account. If using Money Bookers or another money receive platform the time can take less than 24 hours after the withdraw is approved. The transactions will receive reduced commission costs depending on the withdraw method.

24Option Welcoming Bonus

24Option Offers a bonus to all the new users to give them a better experience when trading for the first time. This also attracts veteran traders to trade with big amounts and get profits much faster. They can rise or double the amount you have deposited.


The welcoming bonuses have to follow the terms and conditions that the company determines. This means we will have to follow the terms and conditions of 24Option to be able to get the welcoming bonus.

Use The bonus in the right way with 24option trading

When we create an account we accept the rules and conditions of option24. The company has the right to close the account if the suspect of any kind of abuse or illegal activity from the user.If this happens the decision the broker takes will be final. Getting the benefits of trading is restricted by user , account and connection device. Its good to know that if we have real trading account we will can participate in a 24Option trading contest.

Technology Gift bonus

24Option will give us an apple Ipad its considered on of the best gift bonuses as a technology bonus gift worth over $1000. To acquire this bonus gift we have to deposit at least a $10.000 .

24option will also gift with a MacBook to every user that deposits $20.000 and has traded a volume of $100.000.

Account Upgrade Bonus

24Option give a 24 dollar bonus to anyone that downloads the android or iOS app on the Mobil devices. Any trader that downloads the app and registers in option24 will get the 24 dollar bonus. This way you can start trading without having to deposit and get a taste of what it is to trade with a Mobil device. The bad thing is that already existing users can’t profit from this bonus.

Tight security against scams

Some times cryptocurrency trading are advertised like a easy way to earn money. But the trading cryptocurrency are requires certain level on knowledge about strategic trading that are used in this type of operations. For this reason we should always work with trustful brokers like 24Option.

We know we can trust this broker because its CySEC regulated since 2013 and it only get good comments from the people. The process to get the license started on march 2013 and only 1 week later it got licensed being one of the most safe and recognized online brokers.

24option operates under the corporate name of Cbay Financial Limited very famous in the financial operations world. This entity guarantees the safe managements of our funds and that gives tranquility of mind.


Final Conclusion

In the crypto tradings sector is important to know well the brokers before to deposit money. Every day we can find platforms that don’t have the levels of security and efficiency. For this its better to always inform ourselves about the broker we are going to use.

In the case of 24 option being the broker that we have chosen, we find that everything they say is true confirming it like one of the best options in the markets.

It’s about a company that has been in the top 10 of the best crypto trading brokers and being the best European broker. It has thousands of users that work with them every day. That is why can put all out trust when we work with this platform because we will have the maximum security.

Ont only they have great bonuses and customs support but the also provide excellent trading tools for all types of traders to maximize their earnings. What 24Option is providing us is complete satisfaction when trading with crypto trading.

That we win or lose money is up to us but all the rest is taken care by the broker platform. And 24Option does its job very well and will never let us down. All these are very good reasons to start with 24 option a platform that takes very seriously its users and works very hard to make them happy.




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