You know the 5 minutes Strategy for Crypto trading?

For traders that are in a testing process with the demo account we bring a new strategy that will interested you. It is a strategy for Crypto actions that comes with some of the things that most like. One of them is that it is a relatively easy strategy . We know that not all strategies are made for everyone, especially for those that do not have a lot of experience, but in this case the difficulty level diminishes in a considerable way. Other of the great things of this strategy is that it becomes condensed in 5 minutes time frames.

And since the Crypto trading has always worked very well with the limited time period, this is very good news (except for does that are looking for new ways of trading successfully in periods of 60 seconds).

Only 5 minutes separates us from the success

You are going to need three things when applying this strategy. The first thing is the use of a graph of Japanese candlesticks with a duration of 5 minutes. The second a moving average of 60 in exponential. And finally also you will need an indicator MACD (Moving Average Convergence Divergence) reflected in 38, 120 and 20. From here you will be prepared to extract the maximum benefit of this strategy.

trade five minute crypto

Once we have the Japanese candlesticks graph check out and study what happens on the market. Let’s beguine from the laying of the stop loss in a position of five pips under the execution of the candle we will be using . It is necessary look at what happens and to move the position if the value is suitable or not.

It will be interesting to us to get to the break even if we want to assure certain volume of benefit for whatever happens later. This will lead us to increase the pips as we have seen in other types of strategy for Crypto trading.

Check everything out properly when buying

We have to v check out very well for the suitable moments for buying. If we appreciate that a crossing has been carried out to the rise in the MACD, noticing how the value rises to get to a superior position of exponential average of 60, then we will be able to buy.

It is necessary to be able to interpret the signs and to act acordently with this situation and to be able to see in these moments in when the price overcomes its average pips. In a parallel form the sale operations take place, but bearing in mind that their movement will be opposite. The crossing with the MACD will not be carried out by a higher part, but it will happen for the lower one.




We will be able to see this clearly in the graph, so it should not miss this for any reason. Once this happens we have to wait calmly for the moment in which the price will break the definite moving average, but towards a low position. It is possible to obtain important benefits this way if we can interpret the signs and have reconfigured in a correct way the MACD indicator.


Why should we choose the 5 minutes strategy?

If we choose to use this strategy or other ones its because we have a simple target: the chance of earning money. And in this aspect it is logical to say that this strategy of 5 minutes can provide us a big volume of earnings . When we set up this trading strategy we will have to insure ourselves that it marks only five minutes, so that we do not find signs that confuse us and that are not within the period that we really are interested in.

If you have doubts with what examples this strategy can be used with , we will say to you that it is a very useful for in case of actions of high volume. If you trust in companies that have a regular development and that they don't give us surprises except in very certain cases, this strategy will be very welcome.

analyze the 5 minute trades

We recommend to you so typical names like those of Apple, Amazon or Nike, which are usually sure bets with this type of strategies. On the other hand, if you prefer the pairs, our recommendation is going to concentrate on those who usually have a valuation of volatile nature more limited than that of the average.This way you will not have so many surprises at the time of the truth.

Percentages of success

The percentages of success that guarantees this type of strategies are high. There are some experts who have gone so far as to obtain results that are over 70 % in yield terms, and this number can be improved, to all lights, if we decide to bet for surer values.

chart of the 5 minute strategyThere is a lot to discovering in the way of trading with Crypto and the discovery of new strategies always turns out to be a good thing. For those who aspire to choose for not so habitual methods, this strategy that can be employed with a period of 5 minutes is very interesting.

Of course, it is not necessary to discard that it does not please everyone, since it needs a process with certain thoroughness. Sometimes it is possible that we turn out to be frustrated waiting for more suitable moments to operate in time frames of 5 minutes and that we will maybe lose the faith in the strategy. But if we wait patiently, it is sure that we will obtain the positive results that we are looking for.

What if we have problems with this strategy?

For not having problems with this 5 minutes strategy it is advisable to keep on doing tests with a demo account and to combine the operations with those that we do across other systems. We have to think that a period of study and analysis of 5 minutes fits very well with the philosophy of the Crypto trading.

This is a market of that has not a constant trading, in which everything can change very fast and in which the change periods are more reduced than we could imagine. The traders can gain many interesting points when they choose for a system of 5 minutes, since it will improve its method of investment and of decision making.

get trades done in 5 minutes

Also it will help them show the form in which a situation can change in a sudden way without them expecting it. If we implement it in a correct way it is a strategy that can go so far as to provide a very important benefits and at the same time also seen like an option to form the traders in a better way.

We Personally do not like putting limits on the interests of the traders with the strategies that they use more and we always depart from the idea that the more options the better. In this case the analysis of the graph and of the oscillation, with increases and descents that illustrate showing what you have to do in every moment for each value, will keep you very active and interest for each of the operations.

Although at first you will think that they make no sense, it is sure that soon you begin to think about the operations of five minutes like an alternative to more habitual strategies in the sector of the Crypto trading.

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