The binary options are instruments of financial investments that are based in the prediction of the fluctuation of the price of a real asset, foreign currency, pairs and big company shares. Using the financial options the investors place money on put or call. This means that the price of the asset will go up or down and can obtain great earnings. To work in this sector you need a trustful broker like AnyOption, that will provide us the appropriate security in our accounts.


The binary options brokers are third party organizations that connects us with the world financial markets. When we first start trading in the financial markets we have to be careful. Because there is a lot of scammers out there that will trick you with a fake trading platform. Because, that it is so important to know which are the reliable broker that are out there.

The Value Of AnyOption

AnyOption is one of the most famous online brokers in the world. It was created in 2008 and it counts with the CySEC license. Its one of the most recommended and reliable brokers in the binary options trading world. AnyOption is runed by experienced people that are capable of offering the best service.

This platform counts with aps to be used on Mobil phones or tablets anywhere in the world.

Anyoption is a good platform for starters because everything is explained and we will be guided step by step to start trading. This platform provides different guides and daily information about the market fluctuation. This gives us the chance to learn every detail about the situation of the market and take advantage when trading.

You will also be provided with e books , videos and charts that provide all the necessary to learn to trade efficiently. Last but not less is the 24 hour professional support for any doubts or questions we may have.

AnyOption Broker Regulation

Its company name is Ouronoros Derivates Trading and its CySEC regulated by the value commission of Cyprus and the European union. Being regulated and commit to the security of the money of each user against scams.

AnyOption Believes that the integrity of their services is basic and they have to do everything in their hands for the public to know with transparency every action that they take. In a market that is already full of brokers that at the end are a fraud AnyOption is the light that reveals the path for people that are looking for the right experience in the binary options market.

The Security Of The Users

The integrity of each account is the maximum priority for AnyOption. They are decided the platform were the traders work is reliable and safe. They want all the users that work with them to be completely sure that they can trust this platform, with great security when wanting to deposit.

This Trading platform has a CySEC license and its also regulated with FSB. If we are traders that only want to work with regulated trading platforms something understandable, this is the best option for us.

AnyOption has also been charitable and has donated $20.000 to UNICEF. Read more about it here.

Available Bonuses

Something that traders appreciate a lot  is the option to receive a welcoming bonus. This bonus multiplies the money you have already deposited. This way its much easier to start investing and earn money much faster. With this AnyOption hasent been left behind with this that’s why it offers a juicy 100% bonus of the first deposit.

Thanks to this bonus the money we deposit on the trading platform will be multiplied by 2. This means that if we deposit $250 we will get another $250 making a total of $500 for trading. With more money we can make bigger trades this meaning bigger earning much faster.

AnyOption Types Of User Accounts

AnyOption offer 2 different accounts adjusted to the needs of each user. Other brokers offer many different accounts more than 5 most of the times but AnyOption wants to keep it simple. This make it easy for new users without over complicating the first steps of the users in the binary options world.

Standard Account: this is the perfect account to start with because it includes all the educational material for beginners. This includes: video guides , E books, and 24 hours personal support. To get access to this account we have to deposit a minimum of $200 this is lower than other brokers that ask for $250-300 of minimum deposit.

VIP Account: For this account the minimum that needs to be deposit is $5000 at includes everything the standard account has and ads a personal manager. After we do the deposit a manager of AnyOption will contact us and will establish the needs we can have when investing. The broker will give us the bonuses and help that will satisfied us. This way the experience will be more personal and its impossible we don’t get satisfied when investing.

Doesnt matter which account we chose because this broker will provide us with a learning academy that will help us triumph in the binary options tradings.

-AnyOption Demo Account

This trading platform offers a free Demo account for new users. This demo account is perfect to start trading without any risk of losing our money. This is a rare tool only found only in some online brokers.

Expert say that for beginners the demo account is the best tool. It gives them a free chance to learn how it works and try out strategies before starting with the real thing. The demo account includes all the charts and assets that the standard account has but without the risk of trading with real money. We can see that the statistics are clear. Traders that start with the demo account are usually much more successful in the real trading than the ones that haven’t started with the demo account.

Assets Available In AnyOption

AnyOption offers hundreds of assets that we can operate with, including primal resources , company values, and currencies.

The index values we get the biggest companies in the world like Apple m Adidas, Facebook or even Alibaba. The primal resources have variety including oil, gas , gold , silver and copper. And the Currencies include the main currencies like eur/dollar , Japanese yen/dollar Australian dollar, etc etc…

Type Of Operations Offered By Any Option

AnyOption provides us with a big selection of operations to use the one that better suits our needs.


Traditional BinaryOptions:

These are the normal binary options that have the put and call option. Here we have to chose if the price of an asset will rise or drop in a determined time frame. There is different time frames ranging from 30 seconds to 1 hour.

OneTouch Options:

Here we just need the asset to reach the defined price to obtain a good benefit.

The Plus Options:

This lets us sell an asset in any moment and it doesn’t matter if we just started the operation or if its at the end of it. The risk is minimal if we can dominate this investment method. A lot of experts love it because it gives them much more control over the trades.

The Bubble Operations: 

AnyOption works very hard to offer different trading options for its users.One of the latest operations that have been added is is the bubble operations an alternative to the traditional operations.

Trading with bubbles consists in 3 different stages:

First we chose the asset and the amount we are going to invest in it. When, investment be sure to chose the right amount.

The next step is to use the chart that is provided by AnyOption to locate our prediction with a visual form. We have to put our bobble were we think it’s going to get the best results.

The last step is to wait to see what will happen with the prediction we have invested in. To earn the money what must happen is that the graphic that we are using blows up the bobble we have placed. There is a lot of different results that can happen. With the right conditions we can earn a 1000% of our investment.


-The Dynamics Investment System

AnyOption includes the Dynamic investment this will allow us to have a more personal use of the Dynamic system. The Dynamics technology is getting very popular since its release and its an excellent way to try out something different. Its directed to investors that count with a bigger experience about the markets. This gives more control of our finances and more precision when trading. The profitability can reach over a 1000% but this is only reserved for the experts.

The Dynamics system investment is predefined and it doesnt usually fit with the price of the asset at the time we are doing the operation. The revenue will change in dynamic way and it depends of the price the option.


Final Conclusion

AnyOption proves that its not necessary to follow what other brokers do to be successful, AnyOption uses its own formula to success.

Other brokers just offer the traditional operations and don’t offer a demos account. AnyOption innovates adding different operations than the typical ones giving this more choice for the users to trade in the way it best suits them.

This broker attracts new users because of its unique way of doing things and all the alternatives it offers to its users.

When, we start with this platform we get contacted by the specialist manager . The manager will talk to us and find out what we need to reach the success. This way our broker platform will be personalized and we wont get unneeded options that will just confuse us and waste our time.

Check this video to learn how AnyOption works:


AnyOption is one of the most unique brokers in the binary options market. Thanks to its diverse and different operations including the innovating bubbles (giving payouts of over of over 1000%)



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