Trading manual part 4: Different ways of trading

Trading manual part 4: Different ways of trading Before you could even start trading Forex, you should be aware of the various trading styles there exists within the market. There are different styles with their own pro’s and con’s. Let’s have an in-depth look into it! The Forex market is mainly based on this trading…

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who trades in crypto

Trading Manual part 3: Who trades in the Forex market?

Trading Manual part 3: Who trades in the Forex market?   Banks and Other Financial Institutions Next to the central banks and governments, banks and financial institutions count to some of the largest participants which are involved with Forex transactions. Most people who need Foreign currency execute these transactions via their local bank. Those transactions…

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Trading manual Part 2: Forex vs Stocks

Trading manual Part 2: Forex vs Stocks A major difference between the Forex and stock market is the number of trading alternatives (assets) available: The Forex market has very few compared to the thousands which can be found in the stock market. The majority of the Forex trades is focussing on 7 different currency pairs.…

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Trading manual part 1 Forex History

This is the first part of a series of articles we are going to publish about crypto and forex trading. With this we will help all our followers get a deeper knowledge about the functionalities and of the crypto and forex trading. We will be releasing a part by part a complete guide of trading…

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cfd forex trading capital training 3

Types of CFD part 3

What are Pairs Options? Pairs Options are when a trader is betting on the performance of one commodity or stock, against another one. Pairs are usually available every 30 minutes and for the end of the trading day.Are trader interested in trading pairs needs to understand percentages, because that is what the option is trading…

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Out of the forex game?

Traders out there.. be aware!   Sinds the beginning of 2018 new traders go ahead with crypto currency. And lot of these traders comply to copy funds. This is strategy that can multiply your scaling income with a 950% daily. But unfortunately there seems to be a problem with scaling it up… this is where…

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Types of CFD part 2

One Touch CFD is what binary option brokers use to entice traders into thinking there is a possibility to make a 350% return trading options! What is One Touch CFD? With the Nasdaq currently trading at 4376 points. The One Touch CFD only becomes profitable if the Nasdaq moves 2.5% sometime during the next 28…

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trading cfd in the cloud

Types of CFD part 1

What are Ladder CFD? Ladder Options are similar to boundary options but only one sided. A ladder option is only called a ladder because of the way a trader is presented with their choice of which option to trade. A ladder option is more like a typical “out of the money” option. A word of…

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CFD Strategy part 7 Hedging strategie

2 Small CFD Strategies Hello this is the review number 7 of  binary trading strategies. Today i bring to you 2 small strategies for CFD trading. these strategies are called Risk reversal strategy and hedging strategies. The Hedging strategy This strategy is used by binary corporation traders, investors and the traditional stocks exchange. This strategy…

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forex trades advanced settings

ForenX Forex Trading Platform

ForenX Forex Trading Platform Today I am doing the review of a new Foreign exchange market platform that is getting famous between the forex operators. ForenX is a  forex trader platform that welcomes  newcomers and beginners and it provides a lot of support.  Trade different assets on a single screen with  simultaneous options. What does it include? The Foreign exchange market…

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