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BDSwiss – Is this a legit Broker?

At present, to invest in Crypto Trading has turned into an option very well received by the society, and this sector has experienced an increase during the latter years. At present there is a big offer of brokers in the sector of the Crypto Trading, therefore today, we are going to do a detailed examination on BDSwiss and the services that it offers us.

logo broker review bdswissBenefits: Up to 87%
Regulation: CySEC and MiFiD
Assets: Forex, indices, stocks, etc.

The broker BDSwiss, operates on the market since the beginning of 2010, and it operates with every type of investors, either new or expert. A financial institution that is leader in Europe, which works with different types of investment operations, like the Crypto Trading, currencies (Forex) and in CFD’s (Contracts for difference).

In this tutorial about BDSwiss (what it is, how it works, the types of account, the available operations, etc.) we will detail the fundamental pillars of the broker as well as the main advantages that it can bring us. Do you want to know what opinion we have about BDSwiss? Then read with attention what we have prepared for you.

Regulation of BDSwiss is it a scam?

One of the main guarantees that the brokers or intermediaries can offer us, is the regulation that looks over our safety and interests. For this, there exists multitude of institutions that are in charge of regulating the activities of the broker or intermediaries and ensuring so that they full fill with its laws and obligations .

contact details bdswiss valid


That’s why, BDSwiss is regulated and controlled by the CySEC (Commission of Stock market of Cyprus), MiFiD (Directive of Markets of Financial Instruments of the European Union) , among others regulatory institutions.

On having had such a wide market, the regulation that they demand from this broker is very strict therefore we can affirm that BDSwiss is trustworthy and a 100% secure.

Also, BDSwiss is provided with a safety protocol that codes the payments that are realized in the Internet. With the Fund of Investors’ Compensation of Cyprus, if there is a case of insolvency from the company, they guarantee us of up to 20.000 euros in return.

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Types of available operation

From BDSwiss, they offer us three categories of operations with which we will be able to invest, from, its specialty: the Crypto Trading, followed by the CFD’s and Pairs of currencies on the Forex market . We will center our attention on the Crypto Trading and all its forms that it offer us, but without leaving aside the CFD’s and the Forex market.

If you still do not know what the Crypto Trading are, we are going to do a brief definition. The Crypto Trading are new financial product based in predicting if the price of assets is going to rise or go down in a certain period of time. It is possible to invest in different expiration’s that can change from 60 seconds or 5 minutes, up to weeks or even months.

BDSwiss puts at our disposal a wide variety of operations in the Crypto Trading like the six that we will see next:


  • Classic Crypto Trading: this is the typical binary option that we have always known, we will only elect if it will go down or rise and between the expiration of the operation. The expiration's period go from 15 minutes up to the end of the day.
  • Pairs: in this case we wont have to predict if the price will rise or will go down, but we will have to chose, between two different underlying assets, to predict which of the two will have the best results. This method is much used in the currencies assets.
  • Long term: this form is very similar to the classic Crypto Trading. The only difference that exists is the expiration, which will be a major period to end the operation, that it usually goes from one day, to a month or even further.
  • 60 seconds: this form has the smallest expiration time. It can change between 60, 90, 120, 180 or 300 seconds. This option is the fastest option were we can invest and obtain results almost at the moment of the investment.
  • One touch: this form is more complicated than the classic one because apart from hitting the tendency of the price of the underlying assets, also we will have to establish the level that it will have to reach. This type of operation only is available duringthe weekends. The profit that we can obtain with them can be of up to 460 %.
  • Stair Options: this is a special form, which consists of establishing five levels of equal distances and predicting if the price will be over or under these levels when the expiration of the option ends. The level of profit is higher than in the classic methods.

how to trade with bdswiss

Assets with which to invest in BDSwiss

The broker BDSwiss puts at our disposal a wide range of assets with which to operate, therefore it is why we are evaluating positively its so extensive set of assets that it offers us.

As soon as there were defined the types of operations that they have available in BDSwiss, also we will be able to observe that the raw material and the pairs can be invested in different types of assets, such as the actions, the stock-exchange indexes, the forex market:

  • Actions: There are the titles of the actions that they quote in the stock exchange. To invest in actions, one needs a big capital, for what the best strategy is to invest in the Crypto Trading, which such a high investment is not needed.
  • Stock-exchange indexes: The indexes are composed by several underlying assets of similar characteristics. For example, the DAX is formed by 30 German top companies.
  • Forex: There deals with the commerce of the main pairs of currencies that exist in the world. The pair refers to all the monetary units that are needed to buy a unit of another currency. For example the EUR/USD, which indicates us all the dollars we need to buy a unit of euros.
  • Raw material: physical materials that you can make deals with. There can be from the gold or the silver, from natural products like the corn or the coffee, or like energy products like the oil or the natural gas.
  • Pairs: It deals with relating two similar underlying assets and predicting what impact they will have in the future to win the operation. The pairs of currencies are usually most used, for example the EUR/USD. But pairs exist also between actions, such as Apple/Amazon or Linkedin/Facebook.

All this variety of assets that have showed us, they will be available in the trading platform of BDSwiss. For all this, we will have the possibility of diversifying the risk in our operations and of operating with any type of assets that we wish.




How to open an account in the broker?

Evidently till now, it seems that we are before one of the best brokers of Crypto Trading, and it does not seem that they have lied to us as because it is one of the leaders in Europe for this sector.

If you like, we are going to discover the steps that we need follow to begin our journey with the broker. First , after doing click in the part to register, we will be able to find a very simple form to fill in, where we will have to put our personal details, the phone and the mail with which we will use to log in.

bdswiss signup form

The procedure is very intuitive and simple. Once registered, we will have to decide what type of account we are going to obtain between three types that it offers us BDSwiss, BDSwiss Basic, BDSwiss Bonus and BDSwiss Black.

As soon as there we chose the type of account that we want to open, we will have to read ourselves the requisites demanded for the select account and finish the record form. Since we have already commented, we have three types of different accounts available to register in BDSwiss.

What those each account offer?

As we have just seen, the team of BDSwiss puts at our disposal three types of different accounts, which have been thought for different types of clients, for beginners, experts or those who just look for bonuses in the operations and deposits.

  • BDSwiss Basic: this account is the one that is adressed to beginners in the sector of the investments, for what they do not demand any minimal deposit to register in this account. The main benefit that we will have in this account is the high leverage that they put at our disposal, of up to one 1:1.000, with this we will be able to yield a high profit. The minimal size of the lot will be 0,01.
  • BDSwiss Bonus: This type of account is directed to the investors who go in search of bonuses and promotions in deposits and for operations, which offers them a bonus of 25 %. This account demands a minimal deposit for 500 dollars, euros or pounds sterling. Also they offer a leverage of 1:500 and the minimal lot size will be 0,01.
  • BDSwiss Black: This BDSwiss account is dedicated to the professional investors with experience in the sector of the investments. This account, demands from us a minimal deposit of 10.000 dollars, euros or pounds sterling, but in return, offers us a free commissions service. The minimal lot size will be 0,1 and it will have a leverage of 1:500.

The profitability that they offer us in our operations is one closed to 85 %, being able to realize operations from 1 euro or dollars, up to a maximum for 1.500 dollars or euros, for operation or position.

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Methods to deposit and to withdraw BDSwiss money

From any type of account of BDSwiss we will have the option to do retirement or income in our account by means of different channels. Income will be able to be done from bank transfer, credit card and debit, Skrill, Netellar, Rapidtransfer and Sofort.

To be able to realize retreats of money of our account, we will be able to use the same channels as to realize deposits.

The period to receive the retirement in our bank account ranges in 2 and 7 working days. As soon as the account was elected and registered in the BDSwiss platform, we will be able to begin operating with all the facility that they put at our disposal.

Trading platforms

Once determined to create an account and knowing the financial products and the assets that BDSwiss can offer us, we have only to discover with what platform or platforms we will be able to execute our operations.

The team of BDSwiss puts at our disposal several formats, as there are the WebTrader or MetaTrader 4, available this also for mobile phones and tablets.

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 What does WebTrader offer us?

If you are a lover of the Crypto Trading and there are the operations that you are going to execute, we recommend to you this platform to invest. With WebTrader we will have all the assets available to invest in Crypto Trading, the options sre the raw material, the actions, the indexes and the currencies.

  • WebTrader offers us up to 85 % of benefit for every operation, therefore it is somewhat high and competitive.
  • With this platform we will be able to operate 24 hours of the day 7 days of the week.
  • Also they put at our disposal several additional services to keep on increasing our knowledge and our aptitudes and to inform us about all the excellent economic facts.
  • For it they put at our disposal web seminars in line, economic analysis (popular assets, economic timetable and economic news) and a newspaper of the trader.
  • We will be able to realize operations with Crypto Trading from 1 euro up to 1.500 euros for each operation and no operation will bear any type of commission, all the operations are exempt of commissions.
  • The most popular operations in this platform are those of 1 minute and 5 minutes, for its rapidity and simplicity.

To complete the information about WebTrader, they offer us the platform by means of Web and also across an application for mobile or Tablet. There is no excuse to not operate with WebTrader.

When using the mobile application, we will be able to realize the same functions as for its web platform, being able to gain access to the same hardware and services. The App has a completely free cost and it is possible to download it from its web page or from the Play Store. Also the iOs version is available for Apple devices in the iTunes Store.

This application will facilitate the power for us to invest from any place and at any time of the day. Get your hands on it and start investing in the Crypto Trading.


What does MetaTrader 4 offer us?

Although WebTrader is the most used option by BDSwiss clients, this broker offers us an alternative to be able to operate with other operations mentioned previously, (currencies) Forex and contracts for differences (CFD's).

As soon as there were known the CFD's, the platform of MetaTrader 4, offers us different means be able operate with it. We can operate with her from the Web, with support for PC or Mac and can be downloaded as an app for mobile or tablet.

  • Web: this version needs neither any download nor installation. We will be able to obtain it after we register with the broker and enjoy all its services that it offers, such as the technical indicators and trading tools . The customer services is 24h a the day with availability of several languages.
  • PC or Mac: in this case, we will have to download the program software from the same page of the broker and install the program in our Terminal of trading. This process is very simple and rapid, suitable for any registered user. Both platforms are provided with the same services and benefits, which go from the trading tools up to customer service, till the web platform.
  • Mobile app: the application is also available for mobiles Android or iOs, this whay we can use it from any phone device. The discharge of the application is completely free and it is available on the BDSwiss page. With the application our operations will be executed automatically and rapid.

From the platform of MetaTrader 4 they offer us a few completely competitive conditions like a multilanguage support, more than 50 indexes , trading tools, really low commissions (between 0,01 % and 1 %), spreads from 1 euro and a leverage of up to 1:500.

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Education and additional services

This broker also offers us several additional services that will facilitate our experience in the trading world and will help us to obtain a few major results in our operations.

 useful quality Information

We have at our disposal, in the analysis section, the active popular utilizador for the users, the actuality in the economic news that can influence to any assets, a timetable with the excellent dates and a newspaper of the trader where this information compiles us and simplifies it to us for a major comprehension and rapidity.

All the users will have at their disposal a extensive array of learning information like : economic news that can influence the assets, timetables with relevant dates and a traders newspaper were the information is simplified so everyone can understand it rapidly.

All these sections, will influence positively in our trading operations, since they will facilitate excellent and influential information to us for any assets with which we want to operate.

In case of the economic timetable, it will provide to us excellent information about some concrete economic facts that could affect the assets.

For example, if Great Britain offers the information of its GDP, this day of course the price of the pound sterling will have more oscillations than in other periods of time.

In the case of the newspaper of the trader, it offers us a section where we are informed by all kinds of excellent information and historical movements on the markets, to be able to create strategies and movements with great ease and safety .

trading window stats bdswiss

completely free Formation

The broker BDSwiss also puts at our disposal an education section for a better comprehension of the information that provides to us the market and its platforms, this way we will be be able to form us and apply all our knowledge to our operations in the best way.

It is always grateful that a broker facilitates formation for us to improve in the financial sector, therefore BDSwiss is not going to be less and is going to offer a quality education to all its members. All this will be possible by making use of web seminars, ebooks, videos and courses by imparted by this platform.

Here we can observe some of the courses that it offers to its members on topics as the assets that exist in the Crypto Trading, the technical analysis to improve in the analysis of indicators and graphs, and the commerce in general for a wider information.

Since we will be able to see, these courses and seminars are completely free and suitable for any BDSwiss member, therefore we will not be able miss any course or seminar from those who offer them.

check marked bdswiss broker conclusion

Conclusion and final comments

After this in depth analysis of all the services that BDSwiss offers us, we can affirm that we are dealing with one of the best brokers that we can find to invest in Crypto Trading, electing between a big quantity of available brokers on the market.

Also we can say that not only we can operate with binary actions in the trading platforms, but it offers us also CFD's and operations with the foreign exchange market. Also, of the large number of assets with which we can operate and diversify our risk.

For all this, we recommend the broker BDSwiss because it looks to us as company with guarantees and that contributes to the safety in its investment operations. Do not doubt it and try its services, BDSwiss will fulfil your expectations fully.


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