Out of the forex game?

Traders out there.. be aware!   Sinds the beginning of 2018 new traders go ahead with crypto currency. And lot of these traders comply to copy funds. This is strategy that can multiply your scaling income with a 950% daily. But unfortunately there seems to be a problem with scaling it up… this is where…

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Types of CFD part 2

One Touch CFD is what binary option brokers use to entice traders into thinking there is a possibility to make a 350% return trading options! What is One Touch CFD? With the Nasdaq currently trading at 4376 points. The One Touch CFD only becomes profitable if the Nasdaq moves 2.5% sometime during the next 28…

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trading cfd in the cloud

Types of CFD part 1

What are Ladder CFD? Ladder Options are similar to boundary options but only one sided. A ladder option is only called a ladder because of the way a trader is presented with their choice of which option to trade. A ladder option is more like a typical “out of the money” option. A word of…

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CFD Strategy part 7 Hedging strategie

2 Small CFD Strategies Hello this is the review number 7 of  binary trading strategies. Today i bring to you 2 small strategies for CFD trading. these strategies are called Risk reversal strategy and hedging strategies. The Hedging strategy This strategy is used by binary corporation traders, investors and the traditional stocks exchange. This strategy…

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forex trades advanced settings

ForenX Forex Trading Platform

ForenX Forex Trading Platform Today I am doing the review of a new Foreign exchange market platform that is getting famous between the forex operators. ForenX is a  forex trader platform that welcomes  newcomers and beginners and it provides a lot of support.  Trade different assets on a single screen with  simultaneous options. What does it include? The Foreign exchange market…

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foreigh exchang stocks cfd

CFD strategy part 6

CFD Risk Minimize Hello and welcome to my reviews page. Today i am going to start something different because lately i have been reviewing a lot of CFD brokers and software’s that could help you earn thousands of dollars if its done correctly.  And to do this correctly you will need a strategy and some extra tips…

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binary options strategy Option Straddle Trading Strategy

Binary options strategies investors opportunity – Basic CFD trading strategies

Fundamental Analysis Strategy (basic CFD trading strategies) These binary options strategies uses the analysis of  behaviour of the performance and attributes of a determined company. Binary options investors are interested in the income statement and cash flow statement of the company. Before buying an option. Other factors to also bear in mind are are the employee…

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CFD strategies part 5 – Option Straddle Trading

 Option Straddle Trading Strategy Today I am adding another strategy to the list, this strategy is called option straddle trading strategy and uses the volatility of the market. this review will show you how this strategy works and were to use it. You have to apply this strategy while the market is on volatility mode…

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CFD strategies Trading Calendar – part 4

The trading calendar Hello today I am bringing you another CFD strategy to earn cash online. I hope you are getting profitable with another review of the different CFD online strategies. It has all to do with the timing of the trades and which days is better not to trade. The CFD world gets very…

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Binary strategies part 3 – Basic Options

Strategy of Basic Options This is the last strategy of this first batch of binary options strategies to get quick money. Review of Basic options strategy This is a popular strategy in the binary options world and its quite simple to make quick money. Its designed and used by the traders to safeguard them from incurring…

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