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Brokers of Financial markets and Forex

In this list you will be able to find the brokers that have happened our rigorous analysis of quality, where we can find those Brokers completely regulated by the CySEC (Commission of Financial Alertness of Cyprus) and the CNMV (National Commission of the Stock market) and that also, they offer support in English.


For any doubt about them do not hesitate to get in touch with us across the chat or our e-mail.

Brokers of Financial markets and RECOMMENDED Forex. Check the best Forex and crypto brokers below:


The right way of finding the best forex broker in a nutshell.

To be honest it could be very complicated to find the best forex broker out there, unfortunately there a lot of forex brokers that scam you either they have a good intention to help you out. But forex could be more profitable than any other way of trading. Because with forex you can fill in your own time when you want to close your trades, you can decide whether you want to accept the x amount of spread the broker is taking from you, though this could completely different to other brokers out there.

Keep in mind that when you are doing a buying order or selling order you always pay a small amount of fee anyway. Want to know more about buying order and selling order? Underneath this article I will show the most common and trusted forex brokers that provide limitless support and having the best spread ratios, also it could be very interesting to test out any broker in the first place by using a demo account.

A demo account can used like its an official funded account with the same amount of spreads, same amount of technical specs. Forex trading could be very hard if you don’t understand the basics.

Let me explain you the basics of forex in the following article right here:

  • Top 100 broker that are out there that have a legit license to operate as a broker.
  • As always check if the broker has been authorized by the authority financial markets.
  • Most brokers are from Cyprus and regulated with sysec.

First you find out which broker top 5 has got the best rates period.

And you might consider brokers that fits your needs. The most brokers ask for a minimum deposit of 250 dollars. But you have brokers out there that have an minimum deposit of lets say 10 dollars or even less.
The so called micro deposits. The only problem with these accounts is that the leverage is more risky as the spreads can go higher. Spreads are payed over the amount pips (buys) you prefor to do.
Forex let close you any buying or selling order with out problems.

What forex brokers use to trade with?
Most brokers use Meta trader. MetaTrader 4 is a software platform so you can trade Forex, analyzing the foreign exchange and using trading experts advise.


Our main target is to fight against those frauds that invade the world of the Crypto Forex Brokers of Financial markets, so what  we also  want to do is to be just fair  with those that do a good job.

Because we understand that, after knowing in whom you must not trust, you will like that we say to you who  are the brokers that deserve our confidence and with which you can trade with entire satisfaction.

Have you seen our brand-new area of

" We have evaluated a great deal of Platforms of Signals and desire to show you the 3 finest outcomes that we have gotten."



Its all about with regulated brokers that realize a good work and in which it is possible to trust because they follow the rules. Also, they provide exactly what they promise and accompany the traders in their way towards fulfilling their desires when they begin to invest in Crypto Trades.

Why must we be careful when chosing  a broker of financial markets?

Well very simple, the correct selection of a broker of Financial markets will mark greatly our success in the investments. A broker that tries to  cheat or puts snags to us whenever we want to withdraw our money from their platform will  give us distrust, make us tired and we wont trust again  the  Financial markets.

be alert on what to trade

Brokers investments in crypto and forex actions

Also, we must elect the best the ones that have the maximum options and the best trading tools in its platform. If we are the passionate about the currencies, we must be able to invest in forex, if we are enthusiasts of the indexes, the broker must allow us to invest in indexes, etc. The same happens with the actions; if we love a certain action, the catalog of actions of the broker must allow to be able to invest in it.

Since we have already said, the election of the broker is a key point at the time of measuring the success or defeat of our operations on the market. That's why, for onlinereviewnetworks.com it is important to know your opinions, comments and all the information that you could compile from brokers with which you have invested.

We will use all this information to increase our database and with that, we will  be able to help and inform much better all the people.

What are the best Brokers for Financial markets?

The brokers of trading of financial actions that we have selected and to which we have granted our quality stamp are the following ones: Cryptosweep, 24Option, PrestigeFM, Olsson Capital, Zoomtrader.


Brokers to invest in Financial markets

man who is checking crypto and forexOf them we can say to you that they have fullfilled our quality standards, they have passed ours rigorous analysis when we have tested them thoroughly and they have demonstrated repeatedly that there ideal  type of company in which it is possible to trust to invest on this market.

You will be able to see yourselves, if you try them in some moment, that its purpose is not just to be used like platforms from which to invest, but in general they go further away and accompany the investor across  every step they take.

To know why the brokers they can end up walking to the dark side it is necessary to remember that in the moment in which the user loses money, the broker gains it. The standards, the ethical code of the trading and the regulations, do that the good brokers are conscious that the functioning of the market ensures that the best possible results are always obtained, but there are some of them who prefer short-term  and they look for their immediate benefit.


It is there when the scams  take place, and were we are ready to sue them publicly.

The list with of brokers of Financial markets  that we have shared previously, and about which we are going to speak very thoroughly in our web (we invite you to look for the reviews, because sure that you  will like them), fulfill with the fundamental legal aspects that the platforms must be able to provide.

Also, from onlinereviewnetworks we have negotiated an exclusive bonus with every broker so that if you decide to begin trading, you will do it with extra capital  when you start. These bonus are available for new users of the platform and You have only to agree to them by clicking on the link “ Open Account” placed in the table of above.


Those who are completely regulated on the market

For example, all the brokers of binary investments that we have included in our ranking are regulated by the CySEC (regulatory entity with head office in Cyprus), the institution of the European Union that deals with supervising this type of operations.

Have you seen our new area of SIGNS OF CRYPTO TRADING?

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To have obtained the regulation of the CySEC  means that they are worth of our passing and that they have a support base to trust in them (the entity of Cyprus is the most trustworthy and reputed of the whole market). Nevertheless, it is not anything infallible and that's why it is necessary to keep on evaluating other aspects of each of the brokers.


Those that offer a level of flexible expiration

Expiration level in brokers of crypto financial market actions

experation level and overnight for tradesOther of the factors that is good to know, in what brokers it is possible to trust to invest is the time that is provided at expiration level. It is not anything determinant , but it helps. Normally the brokers of trading of more flexible Financial markets are also the most reliable and recommended.

In other types of investment and operation the expiration time perhaps does not have so many relevancy,

but with the Financial markets (for example those of 60 seconds) it transforms in one of the main aspects to bear in mind.


Those who do not receive commission for operations

In contrast to the stocks brokers, forex, CFD's, etc. the brokers of financial markets usually do not receive commission for closing an operation. This is a big advantage with regard to other financial products because the traders of financial investments usually do many operations a day and if they had to pay a commission every time, perhaps they would not be as profitable.

best cfd forex crypto layout

Broker regulated without commission


But many brokers try to tie its clients up and make them believe that they must pay a commission whenever they close an operation  of currencies (forex), actions, raw material, etc. It is necessary to be very careful with these companies and always keep  in mind that a broker of Financial markets DOES NOT RECEIVE COMMISSION. Therefore it is always necessary to flee of those who ask for it.


The Brokers that offer demo trading accounts

This aspect is extremely important since it will allow  the investor to try the platform without risking not even a euro. This is thanks to the demo accounts   that the secure and trustworthy brokers of binary investments usually offer the new users.


But there is still more, the ones that we have to trust most are those who offer these demonstration accounts without the need to realize any deposits, because they dont have to deposit any money to obtain the access to the demo account. Also it is important that they offer support in our native language, to be able to ask with entire clarity about the doubts that should arise.

To operate with demonstration accounts is the ideal way for the new users to familiarize themselves with the commerce of Financial markets, testing winning strategies and technical options without any risk and in the end  getting directly in this exciting world without the fear of losing money.


Those that offer different financial assets

At the time of electing between a broker for Financial markets we have to bear in mind another very important factor and it is the following one: what financial assets do they offer in the platform?

gold pairs trading brokers technics


If we like doing trading with raw materials  it wont mak sense to register in a broker of financial markets that is regulated and that is reliable, if it does not offer us the possibility of investing in gold or silver, for example. That's why it is important to study  what assets  it offers before realizing  registration and the deposit in this financial institution.

Although it is true that almost all the brokers offer the option to trade with actions, forex, raw material and indexes,  it is best to know that perhaps someone does not allow any of these options.

Those who offer high profitability

In last place we want to do special emphasis in the profitability that can be obtained in each of the brokers. This is a quite a tricky aspect, since we know that the brokers of Financial markets have different ways of promoting and posing its services.

Profitability offered by the brokers of Financial markets.

gold price pairs go upSome of them do it exaggerating the margin of profitability of in a extreme way, resting on the small letters of certain  operations, while others offer a simpler and less risky point of view.

In all the cases we can be before possible scams that take place in Financial markets, but also in front of services that fulfill  with the standards and that are reliable.


For it it is not a factor to  have in mind like the only determinant to place our trust or not in a specific broker. It is necessary to value it, of course. On the other hand, the brokers that are praised for going low,  even if it sounds strange , yes that should be an object of our suspicion (the profitability is usually around 85 %).



Frequent questions – FAQ

Here you have some of the most frequent doubts:

What brokers of crypto investments accept Paypal?


paypal for brokers depositNot all the brokers of Financial markets accept the well-known method of payment Paypal at the time of realizing deposits and retirement of our money. Really almost none allows it, except Etoro. This well-known company gives the possibility to its traders, to deposit and withdraw money from its accounts using Paypal  without paying any additional commission.


What brokers allow a free demo account  ?

demo account brokersIn this case, almost 100 % of the brokers that allow the commerce of Financial markets offers some kind of free demo account  . The thing is, that when we go to its respective webs they usually do not show the option to register with  demo. To be able to gain access to this option we have to contact by (mail, chat or phone) a support assistant  and  ask him to activate us the above mentioned option .


What brokers with crypto actions offer bonus without deposit?

To be able to gain access to the bonds that the brokers of Financial markets offer it is necessary almost in the totality of the times, to realize a minimal deposit. This is like that because what the broker does is to give to the client  a per cent of the quantity that it has deposited, that is to say, no broker is going to “ give away money” to a user.


What advantages does it have to use regualated brokers of financial markets?

The regulated brokers of Financial markets are characterized by the strict control that the regulator entities as the CySEC  exercise on them. Thanks to these regulations, the money of the traders is protected before possible problems of scams or capital loss  by part of the broker. To invest with this type of brokers is  a priority for the success of a trader.


What disadvantages does it have to operate with brokers of Financial markets that are not regulated?

warning for brokers regulationsThe uregulated brokers of Financial markets are characterized for going free as for any type of regulation. These brokers put their own laws as for deposits, retirement, systems of payment, etc. to Operate with these brokers is not synonymous of being defrauded but there is  a major risk  than operating with a  100 % regulated broker.

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