Bloombex options Review 2018

What is Bloombex options?

Hello my name is John Barksdale and this is my review about Bloombex options. This binary trading system with broker software.  It comes from Bulgaria and is in the list of the 50 best brokers of the world. After taking a good look to it i can say its a very sophisticated broker that uses the latest technology. This broker can provide over 300 assets to trade with and the earning is mostly above 80%. The live chart works perfectly and i didn’t experience any of that split second chart freeze that is so annoying. The chart also has parameters you can set and 2 different views. normal mountain view and for the more professionals the candle stick view.


How does it work?

Bloombex options gives us the chance to trade options on different time lengths. We have the 60 seconds trades that are the most risky ones. Then you have others that are safer like the 5 and 30 minutes trades. I specially recommend the 30 minute trades because there is more time to think and to view the tendency of the market. There is also long term options of one and two days.

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Bloombex options also gives the option to open a company commodity. This will  compare two companies and if the price of the share is going to go up or down compared to the other company. This method is more for professional traders because there is more aspects to consider. Like the status of the companies, if they are releasing any new products or services or if there is some political problems in the country is based.

My final review is that this binary trading system is pretty good but because its new we should still keep an eye on it till it keeps up with the good results.

If someone is interested in trying it

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Review by John Barksdale

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