TR binary options review 2018

Review about TR binary options

I bring the Review of TR binary options trader. The new famous broker on the best brokers of the world list. Lets find out why.

TR binary options is a binary options trader that provides a customer connection to the trading markets. Binary options work around commodities. Where the prices of these commodities can go up or down depending on the fluctuation of the markets. The user of the trading platform must foresee were the price of a determined commodity will go up or down in the next 30 minutes. If the user selected  the option call (saying that the price would go up) and after the 30 minutes the price is higher that when the user started. This will result in wining 81% of what was invested.

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What does this Binary Broker offer?

Tr binary options broker offers much more than most of the other brokers.

  • Over 200 of the best assests to trade with.
  • Support 24/7  by email , telephone , or chat. With any doubt you can have.
  • A personal coach will be assigned to you  that  will get you started and will help you with anything you need.

Apart from all of this TR binary broker also has a whole section called the TR Binary Options Academy where you will find:

  • Introduction videos that can visually help you. Containing 15 high quality videos.
  • In-depth Course: The trading tools explained in this course cover all aspects of Binary Options trading.
  • Advanced in-depth Course: Teaching about financial tools for the advanced trader.
  • Platform tutorials: Learn how to use the platform.
  • Binary E-book: With this e-book you can learn to trade smartly using traders psychology.
  • Advanced Binary E-book. 3D model interactive for advanced binary options traders.

My final review is that TR binary broker gives a lot of support to people beginning in the binary options world. I recommend it to anyone that is willing to learn the different strategies that you can use.

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