Zoomtrader Binary Trader Review 2018

Review of Binary Broker Zoomtrader

Zoomtrader is one of the best Online Broker for options trading. It has a modern design and it is very easy to use. They have a great support team and always pay on time. The live graphic they provide on the platform is pretty good considering how other online brokers provide very bad trading graphics. You can also get a free trading coach that can advise you with every trade you do. If you want to learn more deeply about binary options and develop some strategy zoomtrader provides you with video guides, ibooks, and advice.

With zoom trader you can trade currency like euro/dollar, yen/dollar, euro/Ausd  etc…  it is also possible to trade oil, gold , silver.

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How does it work?

With zoom trader you can trade currency like euro/dollar,  yen/dollar,   euro/Ausd  etc…  it is also possible to trade oil, gold , silver.

You chose a currency or material , then  you chose how long you want the trade term to be  : 30 seconds , 1 minute, 5 minutes, 30 minutes, 1-2 hours. 24-48h. Place the money on that trade it can be from $1 to $100000.

Push the button put if you think the price of the currency is going up. Or press call if you think the prices is going down. When the time runs out if the prices of the position is lower then the original price and if you pressed call you will receive up to 90% of the money you placed. If you pressed put in this case you will lose all the money placed.

How do i get the money on my bank account?

When ever you want to retire your money you will have to go to the cashier option on the menu and put the amount you want to withdraw. Once its approved you will get your money transferred to your bank account in a maximum of 3 working days.

If you create an account in zoom trader right now they are doing an offer were they provide you with some bonus money to trade with to get the hang of it. The good thing is that you wont be using your own money to trade and you will be learning without losing any money in the process. When you register just ask in the chat support that you want your bonus.


Here you have a link to zoomtrader, check it out and tell me all about your experience  with the options trading platform.

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Review by John Barksdale

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