The Dyson V12 Detect Slim Absolute is, in effect, a smaller and lighter version of Dyson’s top-end V15 model. As a result, it packs in all the tech that makes the V15 one of the best overall vacuum cleaners, including the ingenious dust sensor and laser-powered floor head that needs to highlight exactly where you need to clean – especially handy for making sure you every get last piece of pet hair, as well as more general dust and debris, too.

There is also a standard carpet floor head on offer too, which doesn’t come with a laser, but has an anti-tangle head, meaning that little to no hair got stuck around the brush in our testing. Similar anti-tangle tech is also in the small motorised tool bundled with the V12, which is ideal for removing pet hair from sofas, carpeted stairs and other soft furnishings.

At 2.4kg, it’s quite a light vacuum, so we found it easy to carry around. This is the first regular Dyson cordless cleaner that we’ve tested that doesn’t have a trigger. A single on/off button is used instead, which is good news for anyone that’s struggled to continuously hold a trigger.

The V12 also comes with a 0.35 litre bin which may seem small, but is in actual fact a fine size for a standard clean, at least in our testing. It uses Dyson’s ejection slider, so dust can be pointed at and slid into a main bin for emptying, preventing dust from flying back out.

In our testing, the V12 dealt with pet hair exceptionally well, leaving no traces when we went over it with the cleaner, and it also sucked up all the flour and rice we chucked down on carpets and hard floors with ease. This is also a vacuum with some rather powerful suction too, be it either in manual mode when you choose which power mode is best, or in automatic mode, where the V12 will adjust its power to suit whichever surface you happen to be cleaning.

We measured it at a top-end of 209AW, which is huge for a cordless cleaner, and shows that this vacuum can cope with debris of any size.

Dyson’s smaller flagship cleaner also managed to last for 25 minutes on automatic mode which should be enough for you to clean a small house or average-sized flat in one fell swoop before chucking it back on charge.

Reviewer: David Ludlow

Full review: Dyson V12 Detect Slim Absolute review

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