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trading with crypto sweep

Review of Crypto Sweep Web

trade with bitcoin on cryptosweepCRYPTO SWEEP is a crypto currency trading platform based in the UK and is fast expanding globally. Crypto Sweep which can be accessed through the link, www.cryptosweep.com although new, is a fast-growing cryptocurrency trading platform on which crypto traders and crypto brokers can carry out trades involving the different crypto currencies in the market at the moment.

CRYPTO SWEEP offers you more than just a trading platform; it gives you all the tools and resources as well as an enabling trading environment to make you trade better and efficiently. In this detailed review, we will be looking at the features of CRYPTO SWEEP as well as give answers to some of the questions and concerns you may have about the platform.

How Safe and Secure is CRYPTO SWEEP?

It is quite normal to have questions about the safety of a platform such as CRYPTO SWEEP and CRYPTO SWEEP so far has proven that trades can be carried out on the platform without any issues. There are no hidden charges or commissions when using CRYPTO SWEEP, and it is available to be used by everyone around the world. In what concerns of security.

Features of CRYPTO SWEEP

  • User-Friendly Website and Mobile Application CRYPTO SWEEP can be accessed by visiting the website at www.CryptoSweep.com and it also has amobile application on the Android OS platform which can be downloaded to your mobile phone. All trading activities can be carried out on both the website and the mobile app. All it requires is to register, and you can begin trading immediately.
  • Ability to trade anytime from anywhere in the world With Crypto Sweep, you can trade whenever you want from any location in the world. With the mobile app, you can carry out your trades on the go and in real time as the app offers full functionality that you would get on the Crypto Sweep website.
  • Live charts That include boilinger Bands, Japanese candle sticks and time frames that go from 5 minutes till 1 month of duration to properly study the latest changes of the market. When you begin in the crypto currency trading world it is very important to have in hand the best trading tools available and this means having big and clear charts that you can modify until you are comfortable. And this is something that CRYPTO SWEEP provides in a perfect way. With these Crypto currency charts traders will be up to date and have all the trading tools they need to make great profits.
  • The opportunity to refer a friend and earn a referral reward for all their trading activities. You can do this by sending a link to your friends or share on social media pages like Facebook, Tweeter or LinkedIn.
  • This trading platform also includes very important thing. The Economic Calendar to be up to date with the major events that will happen world wide and that will affect the value of most of crypto currencies.
  • Market Alerts. You will be able to set up these alerts to warn you when is the best time to sell or buy a crypto currency. The Alert can be set up a long with the trading calendar so you don't miss any of the events.
  • A live news window connected directly with the economic CNBC news Chanel were the users can be up to date with with all the important economic events happening worldwide.
  • Supports hundreds of cryptocurrencies On the CRYPTO SWEEP platform, you can trade more than 800 cryptocurrencies which include but are not limited to Bitcoin, Ethereum, Litecoin, Dash, Dogecoin, Monacoin, Emercoin, etc. This is quite huge as traders have the option and freedom to trade any crypto they would like with anybody they want.

sell and buy bitcoin eth on crypto sweepHow does Crypto Sweep work?

As mentioned earlier, Crypto Sweep has a simple and friendly user interface, and even beginners will
have a swell time using the platform.  to intimate them with the process of using the Crypto Sweep platform.
Crypto Sweep does not intend to have traders fail while trading on the platform, so it makes sure
everyone is duly informed and educated on trading processes and activities.

New user friendly

Users have access to a training academy with big variety of educational content. This academy consists of an extensive education center to educate all the new comer traders or veterans that want to learn more to become experts. This education center consisting of a series of friendly educational videos, eBooks and mini curses.  The best thing is that users will have the chance to participate in one-on-one session trading with some of the most successful traders. They will see how these traders buy and sell different crypto currencies and learn the best strategies to become as successful as the teachers . The Crypto Sweep team are fully aware that those who have high level of knowledge about trading are more likely to be successful traders.

What are the payment methods supported on Crypto Sweep?

Crypto Sweep, in its bid to cut across the various countries it supports, has put in place different
payment methods depending on which is convenient for you. The following payment options can be
used on Crypto Sweep


  • Skrill
  • MasterCard
  • Webmoney
  • Bitcoin
  • Qiwi Wallet
  • Discover Network
  • Neteller
  • Sofort
  • CardPay




Any of these methods, available in your country can be used to make payments on Crypto Sweep.

(check out the how to deposit video)


Customer Support

Crypto Sweep has put in place customer support option on its website, and there is a form that can be
filled if you have any inquiries, requests or complaints to resolve. Customers will be required to submit
their full name, email address and a message describing the issue. An email can also be sent to
support@CryptoSweep.com , and you will receive a response within 24 to 48 hours.
How secure is your privacy on Crypto Sweep?

To be able to use the site fully, users will be required to supply personal and verified identity
information. All private data and sensitive information exchange on the Crypto Sweep website are done
over a secure SSL communication channel which is protected by digital signatures.
Crypto Sweep makes sure data is collected, processed and stored using appropriate measures and are
kept secure from unauthorized access, destruction, disclosure or alteration.



  1. Easy to use for not only experienced traders but new traders too.
  2. A wide selection of cryptocurrencies available to bought and traded.
  3. Provides market alerts and news to keep you updated during trading.
  4. Fast and efficient execution of trade.
  5. Availability of trade charts and indicators as well as tools for analysis.
  6. Zero commissions or hidden charges.


  1. Limited number of payment options, but the available ones
    will work for just anybody anywhere in the world.
  2. No 24/7 Chat  provided on the webpage.


crypto sweep trader platform workflow


Crypto Sweep: A streamlined platform for crypto currency trading

Crypto Sweep is currently one of the emerging virtual currency trading brokers across the globe. It is an online trading platform, which enables an individual to trade more than eight hundred crypto currencies.  The crypto trading platform, which is led by a team of highly skilled professionals, offers top-notch services to their esteemed clients.

The primary objective of Crypto Sweep is to offer a delightful online crypto trading experience for their discerning customers. The concerned officials of the Crypto Sweep have designed an education center exclusively for the online traders with the aim to spread the awareness of crypto currencies. The education center is well equipped with an array of educational videos, online trading techniques and e-books as well.

The concerned team of Crypto Sweep is well aware of the fact that those individuals who have gained expertise in the field of online trading are more likely to scale new heights in online crypto trading. At present, Crypto Sweep has currently emerged as one of the preferred online crypto trading platforms for professional and institutional customers.

Crypto Sweep has in store adequate tools and resources to ensure a profitable crypto trading. 24/5 customer service support program is also available where the customers have the option to raise any complaints and obtain feedback from the concerned team.

The company is currently on the path of expanding their online crypto trading business at a rapid pace. Crypto Sweep, which is led by a team of highly skilled professionals, is duly recognized and acclaimed for their top-notch personalized services. The discerning customers will be offered constant support and guidance for online trading of crypto currencies via various sources of communication such as telephone, email and video conferencing.

The Crypto trading platform of the company is designed catering to the trading needs of their esteemed clients. The traders are allowed to access the official website of Crypto sweep to utilize the available tools and resources for trading virtual currencies via online. Besides that, the customer will get acquainted with the latest trends in online crypto trading through market analysis and market news etc..

Crypto Sweep is a user-friendly platform where the customers receive up-to-date information related to the virtual currencies via news alerts. Some of the other trading tools include advance charting and technical analysis tools. The company has recently launched a mobile trading app, which is exclusively designed for Android users. It consists of numerous features where the customers can access some of the online trading opportunities from any corner of the world.

The esteemed customers may browse through the official website of Crypto Sweep to set up an account and submit their personal information to commence their online crypto trading. However, before registering a trading account with the company, the customers are required to go through the terms and conditions mentioned in the official website of the company.

The Crypto Sweep in indisputably one of the ideal crypto trading platforms for the traders.


signup page cryptosweep front


Either if you are a beginner or you have already invested in the past on crypto currencies and you are in search of a reliable crypto currency trading platform, you do not need to search any more. This trading platform is the perfect one to trade with all kinds of crypto currency. Out there there is a whole lot of trading platforms of course, but they all have one limitation or another. The Crypto Sweep platform is different this platform offers impressive features which can be used in every country across the globe. It also ads many tools and extras as the live news channel or the economic calendar to make it the best experience for the user. This is a highly recommended platform for people that are interested in investing with crypto currencies.


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