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EmpireOption is online trading platform that helps trades to be successful giving a personal access to the platform with different types of accounts. Even that its not CySEC regulated it has its own external regulation and we can trust this platform without any doubt.


Like we already know, to be successful in the binary options world we first have to find a trustful broker to operate with. A broker that also provides guides and academic learning for the people that are starting trade with binary options. The good news is that there is a lot of brokers. Some have a lot of quality and are trustful when we deposit money. It is convenient to learn a bit about each broker to chose one that adjusts to our personal needs.

One of the best Trading Platforms In the world

EmpireOption is a leading broker in the market of the binary options trading. It has a very charming and easy to use interface adapted to any type of device (smart phones and tablets of android and apple).

It’s an excellent option not only because the prestige and its personalized type of accounts but because it offers the option to pay by Paypal, skill, payza , credit cards and digital wallet. The great news is that you won’t get charged any commissions for money withdraw like other brokers that can charge over 20% commission for money withdraw.

This company is propiety of Lubona Enterprise its headquarters are in the Caribbean virgin British islands. It was funded in 2011 and  its not regulated by CySEC. It is still regulated by other regulating entities that are very strict over the brokers managing the users deposits. This brokers is trustful and 100% legal and works very hard to keep its users happy and scam free. The reason it is not CySEC regulated is because its not a European company and only European companies can be CySEC regulated.


Types of accounts available in Empire Option

EmpireOption allows us to start with a minimum deposit of 100$ something very rare because in most of the brokers the minimum deposit is of $250. Empireoption also gives us the chance to open a demonstration account to try out the binary options trading before we jump to the real thing.

Once we want to start with the real thing the broker will assign us one of the different types of accounts. Wen we register empireoption will assign us an account depending of our profit. This means we will have the account that sticks more to our needs. Depending on the amount of money we deposit we will get more or less characteristics to use in our account. We can always upgrade the account later giving us more variety of characteristics and tools.

Now I will explain the different types of account and the different things they provide.


-Micro account

The micro account is the best for traders that are new in the binaryoptions trading world. It is also the most recommendable if we are just trading occasionally and don’t want to go to deep in the binary options trading. To open this account we need to deposit an amount between $100 and $499.

This account does not give to many benefits.  It still gives out educational material for everyone that wants to learn how to trade before starting to invest money. Once we send a withdraw petition we will get the money in our account in less than 9 days.

-Classic account

Another type of account is the classic account were we need to deposit from $500 to $999 to get access to it. This account provides much more educational material,a daily financial report and an economic calendar. The withdraw time is shortened by only 7 days.

Because of the increased deposit amount to have access to this account it is only recommended for people that feel real passion and interest with trading binary options.

-Plus Account

The plus account can be accessed by depositing from $1000 to $4999. We will get the same material we get with the classic account. But the difference is that we will also get VIP trading signals and a trading simulator. For withdraw the time is reduced to only 5 days since we give the withdraw order.

-Preference Account

The preferential account includes everything the plus account has. The difference is that there is no withdraw minimum, meaning that you can withdraw even $1. The withdraw time has been reduced considerable taking only 3 days to have the money in your bank account. To have access to this account you have to deposit at from $5000 to $9999. Because of the high deposit to access this account it is only recommendable for expert traders that know what they are doing.

-Empire VIP account

The last one of the real accounts list is the Empire VIP account.  It has all the benefits of the preferential account but makes it even better because now the withdraw time is reduced to 1 day. We will get access to VIP E books and Seminars and a annual subscription to the financial times to be up to date of all trading strategies. To access this account we must make a minimum deposit of $20000. This account is only recommended to professional traders that invest a lot of money.

-Demo account

Like we have mentioned before this broker gives us the opportunity to try out how it works. Its good to try new strategies without the fear of losing money. This is a great tool for beginners that still don’t understand how the binary options work.

The Empireoption welcoming bonus – Empire option minimum deposit

Once we open a new account we will have the chance to ask for a welcoming bonus doubling our first deposit. To have access to this bonus we have to contact the personal assistant assigned to our account and ask for the bonus. Another way to get the bonus is creating the account depositing at least the minimum amount and clicking on the picture below and the bonus will be waiting for you in your account.


This means that if we deposit $250 we will receive another $250 in hour account making it a total of $500 and giving us access to the classic account. Receiving a bonus is a easy way to upgrade our account without a mayor investment. Having more money in our account also helps ass to make bigger trades and earn money faster.

Available operations in EmpireOption

This binary options broker offers the typical operations that you can find in most of the other brokers. That isnt necessarily something negative because sometimes other brokers offer non traditional operations. That ends up confusing the users and they forget about the traditional and more reliable operations.


Tot operate with the standard binary options we have to invest some money. And then determine if the price of an asset will go up or down during 30 , 60 and 120 seconds. This operations are a great way to earn money in just 30 seconds. The assets can be currencies, materials like gold or silver, or company index. The payout can reach over 80% depending on which asset we are trading with.

-Long term binary options

These binary options work exactly the same like the classic ones but changing the time frame that we have when trading with an asset. Here we can chose bigger time frames that range from 5 minutes to 5 days. This is a bit similar like trading stocks and shares like in wall street. This gives more time for the market to fluctuate and we will have more margin to implement strategies.

-One Touch

In the one touch system we find for the ones that are looking for some fresh operations. This tool of EmpireOption guarantees very elevated profitability margins.  It also has some extra advantages that gives out a extra dose of functionality. For example with this type of investment we can work on the moment the financial markets are closed something that is very rare.

This means that we don’t have to limit yourselfs not even in the week end, a period were normally you can’t do any trading. With the one touch system we don’t only have to determine if the asset is going to rise or drop. Instead we have to decide which will be the exact value the asset when the time frame ends.

-Pair options

Empireoption also offers the pair options operations that in the last years they are getting very popular in all type of brokers. In this type of operation what we do is compare 2 assets and bet for the one that we think will end up in a higher position after the time frame ends.

This means that the value that the assets reach is not important. What is important is that after the time frame ended the asset we have bided on is in a more adequate position than the other one. This operation can be very profitable if we have an extensive knowledge of the market and the asset we are investing in.

Deposit and withdraw methods

Empire option works hard to provide simplicity when depositing or withdrawing money from the trading platform. For the deposits it is possible to use credit cards, wire transfer and electronic payment methods like moneybookers.

To withdraw the money we can have it done by wire transfer and credit card. The other withdraw option we have, and this comes as a fantastic surprise is Paypal make it even easier to withdraw your money.

Empire option and the trading education

One of the things that represent the binary options brokers is how open they are to share the knowledge and teach the users how to trade properly. With Empireoption is no different like we mentioned before de different account provide a lot of useful educational material.

Its true that we are not very convinced that if we want to acquire the maximum formation we have to have the VIP account or the preferential one meaning we have to invest a lot of money.

But we have to ad that when opening any account we will get access to empireTV. This gives a chance to the users to learn very much. And we also get the chance to watch and participate in live webinars with expert traders.

-Interactive Content and personal manager

The Ebooks of empireoption are designed to be understandable by any type of person without being an expert that know the markets.

Like we mentioned before we also have access to empireTV that shows us educational content in the form of videos and gives us the chance to learn about strategies and get investment advice.

We will aslo be provided with a personal manager that will have one to one sessions with us were we can ask anything we want and he will guide us step by step to start trading.

Final Conclusion

Empire Option becomes with it own merits in one of the best brokers of binary options in the market. It is true that it only week spot is that is not CySEC regulated. For this many traders prefer to invest in another broker. But this is compensated offering secure deposits and withdraws with Paypal something not very common with the binary options brokers.

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EmpireOption is a company that works hard for the security of its clients and to provide an educational formation and trading tools for all its users. They have thousands of satisfied clients that are very happy with the way empireoption those things. We get a great personals support by phone, chat, or email helping us with any problem 24 hours a day.

The binaryoptions broker Empireoption offers everything that an options broker should offer to guarantee a great trading experience. If you are thinking to start with the passionate world of the investments you must know that with empireoption you will feel like at home.


Empireoption has worked very hard to get to the position of one of the best binary options brokers in the market. Even that is not regulated with CySEC it counts with other regulations that guarantee the maximum security for its traders.Its high benefits, the chance to deposit and withdraw with paypal and its nice welcoming bonus make online trading something very easy.


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