Etoro is the best social copy trading platform of 2018

Inside the sector of the trading in Forex, we can find a big number of brokers that offer us the best services, nevertheless, today we are going to speak to you of eToro.

etoro-logo-2-thumbBenefits: Up to 87%
Regulation: FCA
Assets: Forex, indices, stocks, etc.

The broker eToro to emphasize with being a completely innovative company that not only it provides the best hardware to us so that we could operate on the financial market, also it is necessary to say that it is based on the system of Social Trading. A new method of negotiation that has become very popular and is quite effective for the users.

Also, we cannot forget to mention that all the activities that we should realize in eToro are regulated, therefore, we are provided with all the guarantees so that we could operate in the best possible form and without having to be exposed to any risk.

For all this, at present, this broker supports is better valued by the users and so that you learn it in depth, in the following paragraphs we are going to explain in a more detailed form, what are the services that we have available and all the advantages with which we are provided.

What is Trading Social?

Before starting explaining to you all the services that it offers us eToro, so that we carry out our operations, the first thing that we are going to do it is to put ourselves in situation this way to understand better the functioning of this broker.

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For this motive, we wont be able to know eToro without earlier speaking about Social Trading . Since we have already moved forward in the introduction of this article, Trading Social is a new method of negotiation that has become very popular in the last times.

The peculiarity of this method of trading is that it is not like the one that we already know, since normally when we carry out negotiation strategies, we do it in an individual and independent way.

In the case of the Social Trading, what we are going to do is to realize our operations but basing them on the strategies of negotiation of other users.

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Advantages of this method of investment

uncle sam etoro pulling tradingThis system allows us to be able to visualize all the operations that other users have carried out, consult them and even copy them.

Simply the best traders of the market exhibit their strategies so that other users could copy them and in this way, we have the possibility of being able to obtain multiple benefits.

The broker eToro has been one of the pioneers in Social Trading that has been introduced in this sector, it is for that at present, that Etoro enjoys a big reputation and is submitted like one of the best supports that we can have on the market.

Now when we already know of what Social Trading consists, in the following paragraphs, we are going to see in a more detailed way all the services that we have available if we elect eToro like our broker.

EToro regulation

Once we have already put ourselves in situation and we known what Social Trading is, it is the moment to speak more in depth about eToro, one of the first brokers who included this negotiation system inside the services that it offers.

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The broker eToro has its headquarters in Cyprus and also, it is regulated by the following institutions:

  • CySEC: The Cypriot Commission of Stock markets. A legal financial authority that regulates the services that this broker provides to us.
  • FCA: The Authority of British Financial Conduct.
  • NFA: The National Futures Association of the United States.


Therefore, simply in spite of seeing the firm of all these official institutions in the eToro web, we know that we are dealing with a completely legal broker.

Guaranteed Funds

Also, we have to mention that this CFDs broker offers us all the guarantees with regard to our funds.

If there should happen the case that the broker had to close or was failing, eToro assures a maximum quantity for 20.000 euros per client, so we already know that if a serious situation happened, we would not lose the totality of our funds.

Due to all the services that it offers and the facility that we have with eToro, at present, this broker is provided with more than 4 million registered users, who belong to 140 different countries distributed all over the world.


Types of accounts

Standard Account

trade with etoro brokerWe will start by speaking about the Standard, since it is the most basic account, although it offers us very useful trading tools.

In case we are beginners, undoubtedly, this account is the best option, since it is very simple to use.

If we decide to work with this account, we will have available multiple trading tools, so much those that are in the individual platform as the social ones, since with this account we have direct access to all the platforms that the broker offers us.

In the same way, we also can invest on all the financial markets that we have available and bet for the assets that let's want.

The big advantage of this account is that the registration is completely free and also, we will not have to realize any initial minimal deposit to be able to carry out our operations.

Premium Counts

If on the contrary we are more experienced traders, then the best thing that we can do is to open an Premium account. The procedure is the same that for the previous account, that is to say, we will bring in on the web page and will formalize the register.

A register that, as in the Standard also it is completely free. Nevertheless, in this occasion we will have to realize an initial minimal deposit, but the stipulated quantity will depend on the country from which we operate.

These numbers usually range between the 50 and 1.000 dollars, but the normal thing for most of users to begin to work with is 200 dollars.

The big difference with the previous account is that here we are going to have available a major number of trading tools, more advanced posts for social trading and professional ones, as well as more exclusive services.

Anyway, with the Premium account we have access to all the platforms of the broker, as all the markets in which we can operate.


Demo accounts in

Finally, for those traders who do not want to invest real money and prefer to familiarize themselves previously with the broker, eToro has a Demo account available.

For this account to seem more "real", the broker provides 10.000 virtual dollars to us and the big advantage is that we can use this account in a free way and can use it for unlimited time.

Platforms of available trading

Undoubtedly, it is very important that the broker that we elect provides a suitable platform to us so that we could carry out the trading that we need and, in this sense, eToro offers us several platforms so that we have the opportunity to make all these movements in the best possible form.



When we talk about social trading we the first option that comes up is OpenBook and it is also the most popular platform inside and the one that the users usually registered.

In addition to that it is based exclusively on Social Trading as we have already commented to you, we can emphasize that thanks to all the tools that it provides to us across this platform, we can prepare our own trading strategies but also, also we have the opportunity to share between all these operations.

Demo account of etoro brokers

This platform can be compared to a web portal, where all the users who use this broker are connected and have the possibility of exchanging all the strategies that they carry out, as the information that they need.


Since we have already said, the platform OpenBook is the most popular between all of those that we have available, as this motive, eToro he decided that it was time, to create the second platform known as CopyMe.

copy account of etoro trading platform

Due to the overcrowding that existed in the previous platform, the broker set at the disposal of the users CopyMe, although in this occasion, the trading platform is faced to the big investors, who work with high sums of money.

As it happens with OpenBook, in this case, we will be able to prepare our own trading strategies and it allows us the possibility of copying those of other investors (popular investors). Also we have a big number of tools available of for trading with advanced posts and we will be provided with much more exclusive services.



Although OpenBook and CopyMe are the platforms most used in this support, we cannot forget to mention that eToro also provides to us a basic new platform, with which we will be able to carry out strategies of trading in individual form.

Although this broker is based on Social Trading, eToro puts at our disposal a WebTrader if we need to carry out operations of independent form.

The big advantage that we have with this platform is that we will not have to unburden ourselves any application software, since we will be able to work with this platform straight from the web of the broker.

Also here we will count with very nice trading tools , as it is the case of multiple market analyses, all kinds reports or even a signs system. Other one of the peculiarities of this platform is that it is synchronized by OpenBook, therefore, we will be able to happen before ourselves to work across Trading Social in any moment that we need it.

Mobile eToro App

This WebTrader brings us also an application for mobile devices, to which we have access straight from the web of the broker.

mobile feature on etoro trading

This app is of easy discharge and also completely free and across her, we can carry out all the operations that we want as in the previous version and also, have available all the trading tools that we have talked about previously.

This application is compatible with Black Berry, Android,iPad and iPhone.

Scale of financial assets to invest

Before continuing with this explanation, we have to mention that with any of the platforms that we have commented previously, we have full access to all the financial markets that are available.

Trading in Forex

etoro forex eur usd tradingOf between all those that we can nominate, undoubtedly, the most important it is Forex. Since we know already, on the foreign exchange market multiple deals are carried out in a daily form , so much it is like that, that in most of these movements the quantities with which they work usually overcome 4 trillion dollars.

In a broker as good as eToro, it was clear that the presence of Forex could not be missing. If it is interesting for us to invest on this market, with this broker we will be able to do it without problems and also, with the main world values, as it is the case the euro, the dollar, the pound sterling, the Japanese yen or the Swiss franc, among others.

CFDs on shares

cfd trading on share with etoroIn addition to Forex, other of the markets that we have available in eToro is that of the actions (market to which we will gain access making use of CFDs).

Also this one is very important for the users since, we can usually obtain a big amount of benefits.

The advantage that we have with this broker if we work across this support is that we are going to be able to invest in shares of big international companies, as for example Johnson&Johnson, Microsoft, Apple, IBM, etc. Although there are many other available ones in the long list that it provides to us.

CFDs on Indexes

crypto trading with etoroIn the same way, with eToro, we have the possibility of investing on the market of the stock-exchange indexes (making use also of Contracts for Difference).

As it happens with the Forex market, here we can find the most important assets of the world.

Some of the most well-known and for that they usually used by more users are, Dow Jones and the IBEX35 but in eToro we have the possibility of electing between 12.

CFDs on raw material

trade gold with etoroFinally, we cannot forget the market of the raw material, since this one also offers a big number of profit with the advantage of which we will not have to realize big investments to obtain them.

In this sense, we have to say that the assets that we have available on this market gathers together in categories. Between the different ones in which we can invest, the most quoted are:


  • Energy sector: in this case the case of the natural gas or the oil principally.
  • Precious metals: being its most representative financial instruments the gold and the silver.


It is clear that, after seeing all the assets that we have available in eToro, we can only say that this broker is one of the most complete that exist on the market.


How Do You Deposit Your Fund?


Conclusions and final evaluation

With everything that we have seen on the broker eToro, we can only say that it deals with one of the best options we can elect if we want to start with the Social Trading.

In general, if we give a glance to the Internet, we meet that most of opinions on are very positive since the people in addition to being able to invest making use of social strategies can test the demo platform completely free.

If you want to begin forming part of the community of this broker, do not hesitate to open an account (clicking here) to begin to operate.



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