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ETX Capital Crypto Trading

In this review we will analyze another broker to be keep in mind as recommended to realize investment operations both on the market Forex and in Crypto Trading. This platform is ETX Capital.

With this broker, we will obtain access to more than 6.000 different markets with which to be able to produce in multitude of assets and were we will be able to diversify our investment operations. This broker with English origins, has a long and reputable experience in the sector of the financial investments, since its origins date of the year 1965 when the company was created.

etx capital trading platform table thumbBenefits: Up to 87%
Regulation: FCA
Assets: Forex, indices, stocks, etc.

ETXCapital is completely regulated and supervised by control organisms, therefore we will be completely protected and we will be sure of that we will obtain quality services or products.

In this article we will detail some of the services that it offers us and the operations of investment that we will be able to realize in its trading platform, therefore we will verify the quality of the same ones and if it has capacity to be in our list of the most recommended brokers.

Is it secure to operate with ETX Capital?

In this paragraph we will speak about the safety and regulation that the broker brings to us as for the funds deposited in its accounts and the supervision or control from the entities dedicated to it exclusively.

For it, we will have to verify the licenses and records that the broker has with the organisms dedicated to supervise and control the financial market of the investments of every country.

In case of ETXCapital we will observe that 124721 is registered in the FCA (Financial Conduct Authority) of the United Kingdom with number of license and with the CNMV (National Commission of the Stock market) of Europe with number of record 131 from the year 1996.

trade with etxcapital

Also, also it is provided with bank requisites of safety as for the deposits of its clients, covering this way its spare capitals in the trading accounts up to the quantity for 50.000 pounds sterling for every account and user. Of daily form, they execute control  on the financial resources of the entity and make sure that it is provided with the regulation demanded by the organisms of control.

Types of financial products to operate

Since it might not be otherwise, the broker ETXCapital offers us multitude of different operations with which to operate. Thanks to the experience and seniority obtained in the sector of the investments, the broker offers us different operation forms in its trading platforms being this the Contracts for Difference (CFD), the Crypto Trading and the trading in Forex.

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Forex Market 

This type of operations relates to the exchange rate or pairs of currencies and the evolution of the price of the exchange of both. With this type of operations with really competitive and limited spreads , we will be able to operate with really high and suitable leverage valuations for all kinds of investors. Namely with up to a valuation of 200:1, the investors will need a small percentage to invest large numbers in every operation of investment that the trader wants to realize.

trading platform for etx capital

Thanks to the high competitiveness of the broker and the big variety that offers us, we will be able to operate with more than 50 pairs of currencies of the whole world as for example with the euro, the American dollar, the pound sterling, the Swiss franc or the new Zealand dollar .

Also, we will be able to choose two platforms of different trading with which to operate on the Forex market, therefore we will be able to fit to our needs and tastes.

Contracts for difference (CFD’s)

There is Available thousands of contracts for difference on different assets and markets, with ETXCapital we will be able to extend our expectations and horizons to obtain profit in the multiple Contract variants for Difference or CFD’s.

With spreads and highly competitive commissions, with ETXCapital we will be able to enjoy a wide range of relative spreads with all CFD’s available in its trading platform.

bears and bull for etx capital trading


We will be able to operate and obtain competitive spreads on assets like raw material, pairs of currencies or stock-exchange indexes, therefore the operation capacity is very varied and we will be able to diversify our risk in multitude of different assets.


Crypto Trading

Being one of the most popular and active markets during its gradual evolution up to the date. The Crypto Trading are considered to be a form of really incredible exciting and speculative investment.

With ETXCapital we will have access to different types of Crypto Trading, therefore we will be able to execute the one that more adapts to our needs or profile. Next, you we will mention the types or formats that the broker offers and what its main characteristics are to operate with them:

  • One Touch: with this type of operation the traders will try to calculate if the price of the underlying assets will stay over or below a few levels previously established. In case one believes that the price will stay over the price of closing of the operation, an Option Call will be executed, and in the opposite case putt will execute an Option.
  • Classic Crypto Trading: the functioning of these is very simple, since as soon as we know the evolution or prediction of the elected underlying assets, we will have to execute the operation Call (buy) or Putt (sale) in regards to the evolution of the future price that will have the underlying assets. In case the investment is positive, we will obtain the benefits established efore the execution, but in negative case, will lose the investment realized in the operation.
  • High / low Margin: similar to the classic form, here we will obtain a differential with every underlying assets, that is to say, as soon as the operation was closed, the closing price of the expiration will have to be bigger than the differential established for every underlying assets for both Options Call and for Putt. This form has the main advantage of this is that it offers bigger benefit valuations ,therefore they are usually more complex.
  • Short / long term: having the same operative as the classic form, the expirations are the part that changes, that is to say, that the expiration of the operation will be of between 60 and 300 seconds for those of short term, and of between 5 days or months for those of long term.

Platforms of available trading


Being the broker ETXCapital a company really experienced on this sector, it provides to us different platforms of trading with which to be able to produce the wide fan of operations and assets that it offers us.

Next, we will mention the available platforms and some characteristics of them:

  • ETX Trader Pro: platform of trading of proper creation of the broker, in here we will be able to operate with Contracts for Difference on multitude of different assets. In her we will be able to use Trailing stops, orders or alerts and visualize multitude of stages and graphs to improve in the trading operations.
  • ETX MetaTrader 4: platform facilitated by an external provider, in here we will be able to operate on both CFD's and Crypto Trading and enjoy technical analyses, advanced graphs, negotiate with expert advisers or automate some parts of the trading.
  • ETX Binary: perfect for the traders of high speed, with this platform of proper creation we will be able to operate with operations of Crypto Trading in its multiple variants and different assets. With rapid and simple access to its multiple operations, with a few simple clics we will be able to enjoy the platform as if we were a professional traders.

Available assets to invest with the broker

etxcapital mobile proof tradesIn this occasion, it is the turn to know the different assets or products with which we will be able to operate, since the broker ETXCapital offers us more than 1.000 different assets with which we will be able to diversify our investment operative .


Next, we will mention all the assets that the broker ETXCapital offers us to operate in its trading platforms and will show the main characteristics of these:

  • Actions: with access to the main wallets of the whole world, from its trading platform we will be able to speculate on the evolution of the prices of actions of main companies of the whole world like Google, Coca-Cola, Amazon or Yahoo!, between multitude of them.
  • Raw material: with more than available ten in its trading platforms we will be able to operate with raw material like metals (gold, copper or silver, between others), on energy (diesel oil or the oil) or consumable (the coffee, the sugar or the corn, between others).
  • Stock-exchange Indexes: the broker offers us more than 20 different stock-exchange indexes with which will let us find and operate with the most well-known and most popular of Asia, Europe or America as for example Down Jones, the DAX 30, the Nike 225 or the FTSE 100.
  • Pairs of currencies: obtaining access to more than 50 in the different platforms of the broker, we will be able to operate with pairs as well-known as the EUR/USD, GBP/USD or the EUR/JPY or with such exotic and slightly habitual pairs like the NZD/USD or the USD/ZAR.

Why to chose ETXCapital as as our main broker?

ETX capital head office and trading platformUsing an experienced  and veteran broker in the sector of the financial investments, we will have the reliability and safety of being provided with a team of professionals that will offer us the best service for a possible investment that will offer us the necessary help to improve in our investment operations.

  • With Cardinal ETX we will obtain a excellent multilingüe client service of help and support. Also we will be able to have a web support with answers to the most habitual and common questions in more than 15 different languages.
  • Adapting itself to the needs of the traders, with ETXCapital we will be able to gain access to three trading platforms
  • Because the safety and reliability is a very important prop in this on-line sector, we will be able to obtain the confidence that is needed, because we will have the calm of that we are before a broker completely supervised and controlled by public organisms.
  • With the last available technology and innovation, ETXCapital offers us the most exact spreads of the market and a leverage of up to 200:1 in some cases.
  • Thanks to the applications for mobiles and available versions of the platforms of trading, we will be able to operate from werever we want not lose any investment opportunity.


Final opinion about the broker ETXCapital

the final words about etxcapital

With this broker we will obtain teaching services of formation and education that are valued by investing beginners. In this sense, the seminars or webinars  will be of very good help to know the financial market and everything that  wraps around this.

Having obtained all this information and verified that we are before financial services of investment of  first category, we can make sure that ETXCapital is a professional and secure broker with which to begin or to keep on learning with the different types of operations that exist on the market of the investments.



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