The brand new Apple Watch Ultra might be more durable than the standard edition, but it certainly isn’t indestructible. And, those forking over the £849/$799 for the Apple Watch Ultra, should probably ensure they add AppleCare+ at the checkout too.

According to the Apple Support site, if you don’t have the AppleCare+ extended warranty, it’ll cost £509/$499 to remedy any physical damage to the display, buttons, sensors, the titanium case, or any of the other physical components.

That’s also more than the cost of an Apple Watch Series 8 GPS + Cellular, which starts at £529 for the 41mm aluminium model with a sport loop. You could buy two of the new Apple Watch SE models too, starting at £259/$249 and wear one on each wrist.

If you have AppleCare+, then that’ll be taken care of for just £55/$79, so it’s definitely worth the investment in the warranty. Whether you have the extended warranty or not, a battery replacement be £105/$99.

AppleCare+ costs £99/$99 and offers users hardware coverage for “unlimited incidents of accidental damage protection,” but users will also have to pay an excess of £55/$79 every time they utilise their policy.

The Apple Watch Ultra was one of the headline makers during the company’s Far Out event and is described as Apple’s “most advanced Apple Watch” yet. It is “designed specifically for exploration, adventuring and endurance,” Apple says, meaning it is intended for hikers, endurance sports athletes, and even scuba divers.

Given those scrapes, scratches, and bumps come with the territory of such hobbies, there’s even more reasons to sign up for AppleCare+, despite the MIL-STD 810H military ruggedisation standard, IPX6 dust resistance and 100 metre water resistance Apple is advertising.

The Apple Watch Ultra is available to pre-order now ahead of release on September 23. You can read all about the Apple Watch Ultra in our guide published the event on September 7.

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