Out of the forex game?

Traders out there.. be aware!

advise for trading rules


Sinds the beginning of 2018 new traders go ahead with crypto currency.
And lot of these traders comply to copy funds.
This is strategy that can multiply your scaling income with a 950% daily.
But unfortunately there seems to be a problem with scaling it up…
this is where the FUD comes in.
FUD means Fear uncertainty and doubt.
This could make your investment go totally wrong period.
The point is that a lot of starting investors or traders out there doing or exact copying there neighbors strategy.
This is WRONG, as you can never depend of there feelings.

Trading forex is not a game of who is the best.
But its a game of emotions.

Trust your self.

So keep the faith in your self and train your gut feelings like it should.
Because once a man said: you can not go in to gun fight with a knife…
And there is only one way to predict to future and that is that you need to
invent the future.
So in other words you al the tools out there to get you in to this forex massacre that happens daily,
because trust me all the big marked maker giants out there giving high fives to each other
and they do it until they have your last penny in your wallet.

Never take advice 100% on this

So keep one advice, you can only trade your SELF.
Another thing is, never try to invent the wheel in this game.
Make prediction that fits the goal you have.
Dont risk your complete money on 1 single trade.
Do this daily and build your discipline for it.

Reward yourself

If you are willing to do this than you are in the game!
Keep your self motivated even when you loose some trades.
Never put your complete account balance on your account al the time.
Also pay your self out because that stimulates the main goal.
It very important to have some money in your own bank.
Because be honest, no one is making money to keep it on there accounts.
You wanna create benefits for future purposes like buying a house or a car.
So always reward your self, even if its a 10ct.

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