Google is rolling out a big update to the Memories portion of the Google Photos app, which promises even sweeter reminiscence for iPhone and Android users.

The feature’s biggest revamp yet includes the addition of video snippets, which you can select, trim, and save. Google reckons it intelligently selects the most significant portions of the video too.

Photos are getting subtle zooms to make memories feel a little more dynamic, while Google is also adding a little clichéd whistling instrumental music to these clips of your day, or trip. Apple already does most of this stuff with its Memories collections, automatically created for Apple Photos users on iPhone and beyond. However, Google is also bringing its 3D Cinematic Photos into the mix for an added bonus.

“It’s amazing how the combination of movement, video and music immerses you in your memories,” Google says in a blog post. “Cinematic Memories will also have music, making your photos feel a little more like a movie.”

Google is also adding a scrapbook-style graphic art feature, helping your memories to “pop”, while new sharing features make it easier to share entire Memories videos with the friends and family featured within.

Google is also adding a collage editor, and the results of which can be shared too. You can edit the photos while adding them to the collage, which is great if you have a Pixel device and can play with additional features like Portrait Light or HDR. Pixel owners also get 30 additional collage designs than those using iOS and other Android phones.

Google says Memories is among the most popular feature within the Photos app with more than 3.5 billion used each month. Do you still rely on Google Photos for backups or are you an iPhone users who’s iCloud all the way? Let us know @trustedreviews on Twitter.

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