The game’s going to be full of adult situations and extremely weird people from all walks of life, as shown in one NPC chat in one of the clips leaked this weekend. One clip captured in a strip club shows both GRA artwork and lighting consistent with the modern era.

If the rest of the clips weren’t enough proof, a “Vice City Metro” label can be seen in one rather brief video in a train station. Though it may be an inconsequential detail, this same clip shows the main character’s baseball hat up close seemingly with the name “Chacoy’s.”

Another clip shows the Vespucci Mall, another shows a Vice City government building with the words “VICE CITY” in giant letters on its side. There’s a clip showing one of the two major main characters driving an airboat on the land — though it’s more likely meant for a swamp — and another swimming underwater with far more detail than we’ve ever seen before, especially when it comes to refractory lighting.

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