Apple has been adding plenty of features to its iOS 16 software since it was officially unveiled, with one of the biggest being the return of a visible battery percentage icon to iPhones with a notch.

The battery percentage icon was a mainstay along with the battery symbol in the earlier years of the iPhone, however with the introduction of the iPhone X and the notch jutting into the display, the numeric icon was hidden away inside the notification panel.

While the return of a battery percentage indicator that would always be visible wasn’t highlighted during the initial launch of iOS 16, it has been added in the recent beta versions. Here’s how to enable it.

What you’ll need: 

The Short Version 

  • Head into Settings
  • Scroll down to Battery
  • Toggle on Battery Percentage
  1. Step

    Open Settings

    As is often the case, the first thing you’ll need to do here is to open the Settings app on a phone running iOS 16. This is the cog-shaped icon on your home screen. If you can’t see it, scroll over to your App Library and search for Settings. You can also swipe down on the homescreen and search for Settings settings

  2. Step

    Find the Battery section

    Once you’re in Settings, scroll down until you get to the Battery section and click it.

  3. Step

    Toggle Battery Percentage

    Once in the Battery section, you should see an option for Battery Percentage right at the top. This will likely be off by default, but tapping on it will turn it on. The once grey circular toggle will now be green.

  4. Step

    Finish up

    That’s it – you should now see the battery percentage indicator inside the battery icon at the top of the phone’s display. It is worth noting that Apple has designed it so that the battery icon will also show as full, with the amount of battery remaining overlaid as a percentage. This might be a little offputting.


How do I turn it off?

Follow the same steps, but toggle the Battery Percentage off ensuring the switch is grey, rather than green.

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