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About BDSwiss Review 2018


This article will focus on some of the best aspects of the BDSwiss broker. We will talk about the different regulations that this broker has and why it is so secure to trade with it. Another thing we will be reviewing about this broker is the big amount of operations that is provides to all its users.

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Is BDSwiss A regulated Broker?

This broker is fully regulated by the most important authorities of the world giving us the confidence that our money is secure against any scams. One of the regulations provided is CySEC that is an regulatory authority institution located in Cyprus that regulates all the online economic activities in Europe. The other is the MiFiD the directive of financial Instruments of the European union. Having these 2 financial institutions regulating and making sure this broker those everything by the book is a great guarantee for all the traders that want to start in the investment world.

Another thing that BDSwiss also provides is that all the funds deposited in the brokers account are ensured with the fund of investors compensation of Cyprus. This Insurance assures that in case of insolvency from part of this broker we will get payed back up to 20.000 euros to each user.

What assets can we trade with?

BDSwiss provides us with a big selection of operations directed for every kind of trader. Having a big selection of operations will help us diversify the risk.

The available operations are:

Actions, Stock exchange Indexes, Forex trading, CFD trading, Raw materials,  Pairs, And the new Crypto trading assets.

With this variety of operations we will be able to find the ones that we are most comfortable with when trading. Everyone has hes preferred operations and that is important to acquire the most out of our invested money.

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