Pictture of the logo of Etoro broker

About Etoro Broker in 2018

This broker one of the most well know brokers in the traders market. In this blog post we are going to talk about some of the things that have made this broker rank as one of the best in the world. Etoro It is as well one of the oldest brokers it opened its doors on 2008 after the financial crisis. Etoro provides one of the most sophisticated software to trade with and the expert traders will notice a big difference in the functionality of the trading tools compared to other brokers in the CFD and crypto trading world.

Pictture of the logo of Etoro broker

Etoro regulation and security

Etoro is a fully regulated broker counting with the FCA (The authority of British financial Conduct), NFA ( The  National Futures Association of the United States) and CySEC ( regulated by the  Cyprus securities and exchange commission)  these are  regulations that are the most important ones that a broker must have in order to be 100% legalized. And just by knowing that its regulated by this international authorities we should completely trust this broker.

The security that Etoro provides during the transactions is formidable giving an SSL encryption on the deposit and withdraw pages. This broker also deeply reviews every new customer asking for extra details to ensure that neither fraud nor money laundering is being made.

Etoro has also has a guaranteed funds system that ensures that even if the broker was failing or would have to close for some reason that every funds invested in this broker are reimbursed up to 20.000 euros per client.

Customer support

Etoro provides an excellent customer support to every user that registers and creates a new account. This broker also provides a 24/7 support by phone, email  and chat and they will be happy to help us with any doubts or questions we may have. When creating an account Etoro also assigns us a personal manager to contact about more complex questions about online trading.

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