About Plus500 Review 2018

Why trade with plus500? well here is 2 of the best reasons why to trade CFD with plus500 in 2018. This is a great broker to make our daily trades and we will explain it now:

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Why to trust Plus500?

Plus500 Is one of the most famous brokers in the European market not only for the quality that it offers but also for all the regulations that it has. It is been regulated by the CySECCommission Values of Cyprus). one of the most important regulating Institutions that is vigilant for the safety of all the trades of in the European union.

Another Important regulation that this broker counts with is the FCA the well know Financial of Conduct Authority that is a must if you want to operate in the global markets.

When we talk about Plus500 we talk about a broker that was founded in 2008 after the financial crisis and after all this time its is still kicking. This gives peace of mind to everyone that is thinking about choosing this broker for daily trading.

Operations that can be done In the Plus500 platform

Trading Forex:

trade with different currencies like USD/JPY , AUS/CAD, EUR/GBP etc with a maximum leverage of 1:300 . The reason of this is that plus500 receives no commissions per trade and  that is why the payout is so high.

Financial trades with Indexes:

Chose and invest between the list of Indexes ( IBEX 35, DAX 30, S&P 500) with a leverage of 1:300. and as the other option plus500 does not ask for any commission per trade.

Raw Materials:

Trading with raw materials in Plus500 is also possible. We will be trading with materials such as gold , silver, gas, Oil etc

Crypto currencies:

This is a new option provided by this broker and it will give us the capability to trade with the famous crypto currencies like LiteCoin, Ethereum, Bitcoin, Ripple or Dash , etc.. Good thing about this markets is that is open 24/7 this includes the weekends.


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We have made a deep review about everything that this broker has to offer and we can tell you this is just the tip of the Iceberg. Click here and check out our in depth Plus500 review.


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