Binary Options

What are binary options?

Trading Binary options is similar to trading stocks and shares. But with the binary options you trade different currency’s as well as oil, gold and silver. The time you have to wait to see results is minimum compared to the normal stocks and shares markets. Trading in binary options seems simple but its much more complicated than you think.

binary options

binary options

The basics of binary options are that you chose a currency for example euro/dollar and you say if the price of the euro respect of the dollar is going to go up or down in the next 5 minutes. For this you may press the buttons call if you think the price of the currency is going to go up or press the button put if you think its going to go down.

When the time runes out and the price of that currency has gone up and you previously pressed call  you will win the trade and earn over 85% of your investment.

There are different brokers that provide you with all you need to start trading with binary options. But i recommend downloading a binary options graphics software so you can have a better view and can prognosticate better. Because the graphic provided with the broker platform is usually not very good.

I have used different brokers and the one that works better with graphics and has a good help team is zoomtrader.


There are different term options long term and short term:

Short term options:
  • 60 seconds options:

Once you press call or put you will see results in 60 seconds. This is the most risky of them all because its very hard to make any calculations or foresee if the graphics are going up or down in just 60 seconds.

  • 5  minutes options:

These are the most common and most used , because there is more time to make calculations and do a prognostic about if the currency is going up or down.

  • 60 minutes options:

A lot of expert traders say this si the best option because of the time frame.

Long term options
  • 24-48h options:  with these options you can use newspapers and word events to oversee if the price is going to go up or down.

-Pros and cons of the binary options:


  • Fast trades, fast results.
  • Easy to use.
  • A lot of information


  • There is a Risk involved
  • A lot of research needed


In another post i will explain the different strategies  to earn good money from the binary options world and reduce loses.


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Review By John Barksdale


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