Create A Daily Online Revenue

5  Ways to Create a daily online revenue

I started this blog to analyse and compare different methods to reacquire a daily  revenue from the internet. There is a lot of ways to get a bigger or smaller i income from the internet. The problem is there is not much information about it and there is a lot of fake methods that will make you lose money. Like the famous quot says ¨Knowledge is Power¨  and knowledge is what i am presenting to you here.

And this is  the most important tool you need to make a profit from the internet because without the right information you will just be losing your time and money.



I will start by presenting the list of methods to earn money Online later i will do a review of each of them so you understand how reliable they are:


Affiliate marketing:

This method consist in promoting other peoples or company’s products or webpages and receive a commission for doing it. You can do this by promoting it on you own webpage, Facebook or other social platforms , email sending, advertising platforms , blogging, online seminar.


Binary Options:

This is By far the fastest earning method , but it has a risk. You buy and sell different currencies, gold, oil, company shares and you can see a win a or a loss in less then 5 minutes. There is a lot of different trading platforms some are better than the others. Click Here for the full list of Binary Brokers.


MLM (Multi-Level Marketing):

This method consists in a marketing strategy that the sales force is compensated not only for sales they generate, but also for the sales of the other sales people that they recruit.


Self Product Creating:

You can create your own online product like a E-Book , Software, Marketing  and stocks strategies, health products  etc. This is the most time consuming method with no guaranty of results. There is different online markets where you can sell you product.


Tasks and services Offering:

This Method consists in offering your online services to other people. For  example: translations , voice and video recording, webpage creation, software creation,  graphic design  etc. If you are talented or experienced this is a good way to  earn some daily money with. There is multiple sites that can promote your services.


These are the main ways to earn a daily revenue using the internet an your computer. In the next post i will explain  how these methods work and the pros and the cons of each method.

By John Barksdale

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