emotions with trading

Psychology Trading Manual Part 14

Psychology “The Hitman of Trading”

The title of this chapter explains it all. Our 15 years of combined experience taught us that the control of emotion and having a straight emotional game, are even more
important than a decent trading strategy. The difference between a winning or a losing trader, lies in the control of emotions and the control of psychological mind-set.

The psychological aspect of trading is extremely important, and the reason for that is fairly simple: A trader is often making important decisions where he puts his money at risk. To accomplish this, you will need a certain presence of mind. But, you will also need discipline to stick with your trading plan. Emotions simply can’t get in your way here!

Around 90% of the Forex educational programs these days don’t tell you anything about psychology or the importance of emotions within the Forex market. Although this is one of the most important aspects. But why don’t they? This is easy to explain; they just want you to think that trading is an easy game where you can get rich by
just using their trading strategy’s or systems!

So, when you are a logical thinker, it wouldn’t be that hard to see that if there was a certain system or indicator that could make you money on auto-pilot; It would
definitely not be sold for a couple hundred. You would be basically paying millions of euros for it.

At Cryptotrading Masterclass we would like to be fully transparent, and that’s what makes us not only teach you a trading strategy, but also the full psychological part of trading. We like to complete the whole Forex puzzle with this information, where others are still searching for the remaining piece. If you can’t control your emotions, it would simply not be possible to make a consistent living from trading.

So, it’s important to know which emotions can impact your trading and how they do so. There are 4 major emotions we will run you through. All of those 4 can influence
your trading very badly, this is why we like to give you a detailed explanation of them!

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