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About Olsson Capital

With its focus on Bitcoin and other Cryptocurrencies, the new and innovative Olsson Capital site is currently one of the most attractive online trading platforms out there. It offers trading in CFDs on a large variety of financial instruments.

Providing accurate and reliable information regarding the financial market and trading proficiency are top priority with Olsson Capital. So is the security of customers’ funds and accounts. Competent customer service is available for any kind of inquiry at any given time.

The beginning trader will find everything he needs to start off successfully. For the more experienced trader he will find a very accommodating system, including some unique features that take the trading experience a step further into the future.

Trading CFD

Olsson Capital is an expert in CFD trading. Maybe we should first clarify the term CFD, because it may not yet be commonly known to everybody, but shows signs of becoming the next big thing in online financial trading. CFD are the initials for “Contract for Difference”. In short, the trader enters into a contract on the difference in value of a certain asset. Thus, he does not buy an actual asset, but collects the profit on value increase, or decrease, depending on the type of contract. The main advantage of CFD trading is low investment and high profit ratio.

CFDs are offered for a large variety of assets. Olsson is one of the first online trading sites to offer CFDs in Bitcoin, and other Cryptocurrencies. Three more traditional types are also available: Stocks, indices and regular currencies. Commodities are a little less popular at Olsson Capital, however the trade is just as efficient as with the other assets.

A Stop Loss feature is provided for all trades. As a trader, you can set yourself a limit and make sure you operate within your budget. The minimum initial deposit is $250. No additional fees or commissions are applied. Transactions are smooth and secured.

trading bitcoin with olsson capital?


This is what makes the Olsson Capital trading site so special. Bitcoin is just one of a large number of different Cryptocurrencies traded against each other. The most common ones are Bitcoin, Bitcoin Cash, Ethereum, Dash, Ripple, Litecoin. There are at least another five different cryptocurrencies available to trade here. Another variation is to trade cryptocurrency against regular currencies and even against commodities. In other words, the possibilities for trading in Cryptocurrency are huge.

For this type of CFD trading leverage at 1:2 or 1:3 is available. Indicators are displayed very clearly on the trading page. All data relevant to make a trading decision can be viewed in one well-organized frame.


The trade in regular currencies is handled the same way as Cryptocurrencies. All main international currencies are traded against each other and also against the Cryptocurrencies. All that’s required from the user is to choose one and then decide how he expects the value to develop. Accordingly, he will either open a buy or sell position.

Stocks and Indices

Stocks and indices are more traditional financial instruments and just as prominent on the Olsson Capital site. CFDs are available on a number of large established stocks and indices. Due to the accessible display and navigation trading is smooth and easy to manage.


Again, commodities are not featured on the Olsson Capital homepage. However, a list of all major commodities is available in the trading section as soon as you sign in to an account. Trading in CFDs on commodities is just as simple as the other categories.


Tools & Education

This is one of Olsson Capitals highlights. The amount of helpful information in a variety of forms is outstanding in the market. It is not only the quantity but also the quality of the information that makes it highly valuable to any trader. The amount of knowledge shared here is an indicator of the transparency and customer friendliness that characterize the brand.

The first to mention is the Trading Academy, a section including quality educational material. The most important parts of the academy are the e-books and the traders’ TV.

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E-books and News Service

Three e-books provide the basics for anybody intending to get involved with online trading or simply wanting to expand knowledge about the subject. The first general trading e-book provides the understanding needed to successfully enter the world of financial trading.  Two additional e-books elaborate on more specific topics. All books include theoretical training, practical advice, and a testing section to check what you’ve learned.

On the other side of the scale, is the traders’ TV, a specific news service presented by Olsson Capital in daily videos. These feature the most important events influencing financial markets, marketing trends, and currency rates. In addition, the academy includes an extensive Glossary and an FAQ register, which are always good for reference.

Additional Material

This is by far not the only source of information the site provides. Under the Articles-tab you can find detailed information about Cryptocurrencies and CFDs. We were impressed with the scope of data and transparency of insights presented here. The knowledge will provide a solid background on the two subjects and can have a beneficial impact on your trading activities.

Useful trading tools are also available on the Olsson Capital financial trading platform. A special section for signals adds some analytical insights. An asset index makes it easy to choose and navigate into the trade and in the economic calendar, you can find some forecasts. Everything is available to the visitor of the website, not only registered customers.

ebook how to trade with olsson capital

Account Types and Banking

Opening an account with Olsson Capital is super easy. You are not required to make any payment with your registration or enter into any kind of commitments. To start trading a minimum deposit of $250 is required. No additional fees or commissions are applied.

There is one standard account enabling you to carry out all trading activities. This may seem like a disadvantage because from a lot of brokers we are used to being offered a choice. However the first time trader does not know how much he is going to invest with a particular broker, so trying to reach a decision about scaling your account at the onset of your trading activity can be overwhelming.

At a later stage we found out that there are also VIP accounts. These are offered to high volume traders. As a VIP customer you receive access to an even more advanced platform and advanced VIP signals. In addition, you can take advantage of a daily one-on-one consulting session with a senior analyst.

How to deposit on Olsson Capital video?

security check for olsson capital code trading platformSecurity

The brand emphasizes the importance of security. This can sometimes seem slightly inconvenient, because some procedures may take a little longer. However, in a factual analysis, you will come to the conclusion that the security of your finances and personal data is of higher importance. Customer funds are kept in segregated accounts. Customer verification needs to be done with the first deposit and when requesting a withdrawal. When you provide accurate information and documents in clearly readable format, this is a very smooth process. Withdrawals will take up to a week, due to enhanced fraud protection measures.

Olsson Capital is one of the few online trading brokers to enable depositing directly from an e-wallet. For online traders this is convenient and can be expected to become increasingly popular. Payment options accepted by Olsson Capital are a very secure methods. For credit-card payment you can use MasterCard or Visa. Of course, you can also wire funds directly from your bank account.

Customer Service

From the very moment we opened an account with Olsson Capital, the customer service was available to us at all times. When we say available, it means they were actually there to answer our questions and help with our inquiries. The site is very self-understanding and user-friendly, so there really were not a lot of reasons to contact the customer support. In the few instances that we needed them, they were very friendly and always gave competent advice and solutions.

olsson capital has a great customer service for help you trading


We expect Olsson Capital financial trading to become one of the leading brokers in the near future. The reasons for this prediction are that the brand focuses on what is relevant and contemporary. The fact that they concentrate on Cryptocurrency gives them a certain edge and advantage to others. Another point, which may even be more important, is the way the site itself is set-up in design and navigation.

Data is displayed in a very clearly and organized fashion, navigation is intuitive and simple for any user. You do not have to look around for information and click through a lot of pages to get where you want to. With the competition in the field of online trading growing, this will be a determining factor. Finally, security is and always will be a high priority for users, especially when money is involved.


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  • Marista

    April 19, 2021

    To get your stolen funds from a scammer, you must follow the steps given below: Report to the necessary law enforcement agency.Try to get receipts to back up your claim.Contact Fightingscams(at)aol DT com firm because they can help you to get your track your bitcoin and get it back.

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