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Plus500 NEW 2018 Review!

Plus500 is a broker specializing in the trading with CFDs that offers its financial services since the year 2008. As main points to be emphasized, we can say that its platform is one of the most complete of the market, being intuitive and simple of using.

Why to elect Plus500? The main reason is that they are regulated by the CySEC, the FCA and the ASIC, therefore to realize operations in its trading platform is 100 % secure and reliable. Also, thanks to the apps for iOS and Android we will be able to operate on the markets using our mobile terminal.

thumb for trading plus500 reviewBenefits: Up to 87%
Regulation: CySEC and MiFiD
Assets: Forex, indices, stocks, etc.

Other one of the characteristics that has attracted our attention is the possibility to begin operating making use of a completely free demo account. Plus500 thinks about its traders and that’s why it offers us this Demo account, to begin practicing our strategies under a secure environment and without any risk.

Just seeing these first characteristics, already we can forsee that this broker is going to be a sure bet if we decide to begin investing with CFDs.

Without further delay, we leave you with this tutorial of Plus500 that we have prepared for you.

Who is behind this broker?

The financial institution Plus500 began in the year 2008, year in which there was thrown a platform with which they were offering on-line negotiations in ordering PCs of in a rudimentary way. Let’s bear in mind that over that almost ten years have passed and then the technology and Internet were not so advanced as now.

plus500 trading platform front

One year later, making use of its pioneers position, the people in charge of Group Plus500 turn into the first entity of the financial sector that began to provide the opportunity to work with CFD without any type of commission. They dared to prove something new and it went out for them very well.

For the year 2011, Plus500 they were already managing 2 million deals per month (and this year they have gained 236 million dollars), with application in mobile devices and were triumphing with an app available for Android and iPhone. Also, they increased of notable form the repertoire of available actions in hands of the traders.

From here on they have not stopped growing and have gone through absolutely epic moments. It is not necessary to forget, for example, that in the year 2015 Plus500 turned into the sponsor of the Athletico of Madrid in the BBVA football league.

Regulation of the broker Plus500

it is known that the trading world  can take you to capital loss risks, that’s why it is highly advisable that the broker to which we entrust our money is regulated properly by the competent institutions who are in charge of looking over the safety of the investors.

alerts and riskmanagement for plus500

Regulation of the broker plus500.com

Plus500 is a very serious broker that always wants to do the right things and for it, he has all the necessary regulations to offer its financial services to the thousands of clients who trust this company. Next, we will name the regulations under which this CFD broker is subdued.

  • The company Plus500 is regulated by the CySEC: Since you can imagine, this good work is rewarded by the due regulation proceeding from Cyprus. Plus500CY LTD is authorized and has been regulated by the Commission of Values of Cyprus (licenses No. 250/14).
  • The company Plus500 is regulated by FCA: Plus500 UK Ltd is authorized and been regulated by the FCA (Financial Conduct Authority – FRN 509909)
  • The platform Plus500 is also regulated by the ASIC: Plus500 AU Pty Ltd, AFSL #417727 expressed by the Australian Commission of Values and Investments, it is authorized to express these products to Australian residents.

Important: Plus500 is one of these brokers in which it is always possible to trust and that has everything to know that whatever happens it will be an entity in which we will be able to keep on realizing operations with hardware of many quality.

Welcoming bonus of Plus500.com (T&C applied)

This excellent trading platform with CFD’s offers to its clients the possibility of beginning its journey in the investments making use of a welcoming bonus that will increase in 30 % the initial deposited funds.

scale effect of plus500 trading

available bonuses in the broker

This way, when the trader makes its first deposit, Plus500 will add 30 % extra to the account. This bond is an excellent way of encouraging the clients and a way to reward them for the confidence deposited in Plus500.

We must remember that the initial minimal quantity that it is possible to deposit is of 100€ and hence from now on.

Information about Deposits / bonds

In the following image, we can observe the relations between deposits and bonds that Plus500 offers to its clients. In the table we can observe that the following information is represented:

plus500 bonus for first traders

  • Minimal deposit: it is the minimal quantity of money that the trader must deposit in the broker Plus500.
  • Amount of the bonus: monetary quantity (in euros) that the financial institution Plus500 will give us on having realized the minimal deposit.
  • Necessary investor points: there are the points that it is necessary to accumulate to be able to gain access to the above mentioned bonus.
  • Bonus code: it is the code that we must introduce in the trading platform to activate the promotion.

As the bonuses on that we have just commented, Plus500 also it offers another type of bonus if the user attends to a called phone company or approves a series of documents. These bonds are only available in a temporary form.

Available types of account

We have already guaranteed to you that there is no type of doubt about the legality of Plus500, so now you should be interested to start working with them as soon as possible.

For this we arrange the normal account and of a version demo that we recommend new users to begin with and this way they will lose the fear of the CFD trading.


Demo Plus500 Counts: it operates without risks

This version demo of Plus500 we can download in a completely free way to begin to see the whole potential that the broker has. One of the advantages of beginning to use the demo version is that it is made for the new users, for has a lot of educational content for new traders.

How to open a demo account in plus500

The team of the broker Plus500 recommends, to read all the files of assistance and information that appear inside the test version., that we are going to meet an exact representation of the real market and that there are no risks that they prevent us from learning.

Advantages of the demo account of plus500

  • The management team of the broker Plus500 bears much in mind that the essential thing is that the traders could learn how there works the platform of negotiation and that this way sure that they obtain good results when they begin to invest.
  • In the demo of Plus500 also we can use different investment strategies, so that we find which are those that better fit our way of investing.
  • And if we have any doubts we can count with a assistance system that will inform us about what we need to know.

Real Account

Once we have ended with the Demo account and have tested all the tools that the broker offers us, we will be ready to jump in to the real thing.


plus500 desktop trading platformThe secret of Plus500 is in that only they have two types of account: the version of test and the standard one.

This is a really strange concept, since the normal thing is that the brokers that operate with CFD and forex have a large number of types of account for the traders select the one that more suits them.

Another one of the characteristics is that the broker Plus500 has a minimal deposit that is smaller in comparison to most of the well-known brokers. Also, after having opened a real account,they offer a welcome bonus of 25€ without minimal deposit. Thanks to these bonuses, the trader will be able to begin operating with a small assistance that always comes well.

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In this concrete case we will have to introduce a deposit for 100 euros in Plus500 (by means of credit card, PayPal, Skrill or bank transfer). And on having creating a new account, we will receive a bonus that it will be possible to accumulate with other bonus what is the quantity that we introduce.

Operations that we can realize

Now when we already know the types of account with which we can register, we are going to see as we can operate inside the platform of trading of Plus500.

To operate in the most profitable way possible it is necessary to know type of operations they we can realize, for thus select the one that seems more interesting to us.

plus500 finance graph for trading

As already you have accounted, the broker Plus500 is characterized for the acquaintances CFD offer, that is to say, Contracts For Difference. This type of product is based on the difference of price that exists between the value of entry to the assets and the value of closing. As soon as the operation was finished, the trader will receive this existing difference.

Plus500 offers 4 types of operations so that we could invest with CFD in its trading platform.
Our target since traders will be doing the most profitable operations using the types of orders and hardware that better adapt themselves to us and that more benefits bring to us.

Trading Forex

forex trading with plus500Divisas/Forex: we will be able to negotiate currencies CFD with a maximum leverage of 1:300. One of the advantages of which it offers Bonus 500 is that he does not receive commissions and the spreads with much down compared to other brokers.

Entity the most popular assets of this form can be emphasized by the EUR/USD, EUR/GBP, EUR/AUD, EUR/JPY, etc.

Investments In Stocks

shares that could be traded with plus500Stocks: also we can negotiate stock CFDs and obtain 25€ of bonus (T&C applied) without need for minimal deposit in the negotiation platform.

We will be able to invest in more than 20 different markets with spreads shallows and of course, without commissions. Deutsche Bank, ArcelorMittal, Banco Popular or Bankia (these 2 last ones of the Spanish market), are some of the values between that we will be able to elect.

Financial trades with stock-exchange indexes

indices to trade with plus500

Indexes: other one of the options between that we will be able to elect if we trust in Plus500 there are the investments in indexes.

Once again, the broker does not receive commissions from us and the differential between the buy / sale quotations are very low. The leverage with indexes also is of 1:300 (as in forex). Between the list of indexes can stand out the IBEX 35, DAX 30, S&P 500, etc.

To invest with CFDs in raw material – Plus500

commoditys to trade on plus500Raw material: as for the investments in raw material, we will be able to negotiate with them across CFDs without commissions and with spreads very low.

It is possible to begin investing with only 100€ and with a maximum leverage of 1:100. The oil, the gold, the natural gas or the silver, there are some examples of the list of raw material that offers us this financial institution.

Trading With Cryptocoins

plus500 crypto tradingcryptocoin: if you are thinking about operating with cryptocoins, you will be able to do it by using CFDs. With Plus500 you will be able to negotiate with the most famous virtual coins of the world: BitCoin, Ethereum, LiteCoin, Ripple, Dash or NEM etc.. .

In this case, you will be able to negotiate on the market of the crypto currency during a 24/7 period, since the market is always open (even the weekends). The leverage here comes to to 1:30 as maximum.

Methods of payment and retirement

So much to deposit as to withdraw capital of Plus500.com, the trader has an enormous facility as for the methods to realize the deals.

The broker don’t receive any type of commission from the users neither for depositing nor for withdrawing and in the case of a economic catastrophe type, Bonus 500 would reimburse its users with a quantity of up to a 20.000€.

timelapse plus500 trading secure

Methods of Payment and Withdrawals

Deposits: To realize our deposits we will be able to do it by credit card (MasterCard/VISA), bank transfer or with the well-known form of payment for Internet, PayPal (the traders like this option very much).

Withdrawals: As for the retreat of benefits of the platform, the broker puts the same facility as for the deposits. In this case we can realize withdrawal by means of credit card, bank transfer, Paypal, etc.

Commissions in www.Plus500.com

A little that we like knowing when we decide to trust in a broker, is what type of commissions they will receive from us at the time of realizing our trading operations in the business platform. As for Bonus 500, we must know that no commission is going to be charged from us for opening or closing a trade.

trading dollars with plus500

Commissions in the broker bonus 500

The only thing that we must bear in mind, is that the CFDs brokers obtain its benefit across the spreads, which is the difference of price between the buy and the sale of assets in question. This small price difference is named spread and is the commission that plus500 will take for every realized operation.


Since we have already commented, the commission that will be applied to us is given in the shape of spread and we will have to pay it for every operation that we realize.

With the CFDs, we can make many operations with “long” (when we believe that the value of the assets will increase its price) as “short” (when we think that the value of the assets will lower its price), in both cases the difference of price between the buy and the sale is the commission that Bonus 500 charges from us.

Night commission (operations out of market time)

Another commission that the broker receives from its clients is related to the schedule in which we do our trading operations. If we want to have an operation opened during the night, Plus500.com will charge us a night commission that will depend on the tools of investment that we are using.

In contrast to the spread, in this case we can know in 100 % certainty the amount that they will charge us.


Analysis of the platform of negotiation

Beyond that its access account demo is unlimited and that the normal version has a minimal deposit of only 100 euros, we coincide that one of the best aspects of the broker is that the work that he proposes is based on the use of a proprietary platform.

Many other forex brokers resort to already well-known platforms of negotiation that they have licensed and that personalize with its mark design. And that is not bad at all if the platform that they elect works, but what this broker does has been is little more advanced, because they have created their own system.

trading plus500 in uk big ben ready

Trading platform in cfds

The best thing of everything is that one of the main missions of the software of Plus500.com was that it was turning out to be easy to use and that the traders were taking part very to taste in the binary options inside this new platform.

Advantages of the business platform


  • In addition to the simplicity the system offers other advantages, like the opportunity of using the same screen of trading combining values of different markets.
  • This trading platform in stoks gains itself the support of the users and also it offers a software of charting that simplifies everything.
  • The support that they offer is quite good since we can contact them by 24/7 e-mail and live chat with support in different languages.

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Opinions about Plus500 + final Evaluation.

Thanks to the plus 500 we will have the opportunity to invest with real money, although we recommend that  before you start with the real thing spend a few days inside test account that will deal with forming you in everything that you need to know.

checkmark plus500 to succes
This way you will be ready to be the ideal trader that the broker wants to have at its disposal: one that could triumph and that helps to that the good image of the CFDs spreads.

For all this we can say that there should be no doubt when we affirm that Plus500.com is one of the best brokers who exists in the sector of the crypto trading and the CFDs.

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