According to Metro, the Beast arrived in London on Saturday night along with several hundred members of his security detail. President Biden was given special permission to use his own limo during his visit to pay respects to the late queen. Aside from the royal family themselves, Biden was likely the most well-protected individual at the event.

With its immense weight and security attachment, transporting the Beast is a logistical feat. But given the vehicle’s extremely specialized nature, armored plating, and Biden’s love for all things General Motors, it makes sense for the President to eschew local travel accommodations. Initially, it was reported that the Beast was even caught in a traffic jam while travelling to the funeral but managed to arrive just in time for the ceremony. 

Israel’s President Isaac Herzog also utilized his own fleet of state vehicles to arrive at the event. Other heads of state did not enjoy the same accommodations and were carried to the ceremonies in a fleet of buses, a decision that some unnamed heads of state were not happy with (via Politico).

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