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Whether we are seasoned professionals or aspiring traders we all have one basic, non-negotiable demand from our platform – trust. When embarking on our trading journey we want to be secure in the knowledge that our broker is reliable. We also need to know that the platform will provide us with all the necessary tools to supplement our own education and research in our journey to a rewarding trading experience. It is for this reason that PrimeCFDs is one of the top trading platform for CFD, forex and cryptocurrency traders.

PrimeCFDs is an established platform with more than 8 years in the trading world. The platform is owned and operated by Orion Service EOOD in Bulgaria and is a top platform with European customers. Their daily blog is updated on a daily basis with the latest news from the top world markets – North America, the UK and EU, Asian markets and Australia and New Zealand. Traders get news on the latest trends straight to their inbox and in the corporate quarterly earnings season, they benefit from direct advice on the latest earnings releases with advice on stock reactions last quarter.

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PrimeCFDs offers traders more than 200 markets, with feeds from 12 financial institutions. Additionally, its brand new cryptocurrency platform allows you to catch a ride on the volatile digital wave – Bitcoin – Ethereum – Litecoin – Ripple – to make the most of this latest trading craze.


How to Register

One of the objectives of PrimeCFDs is to make CFD, forex and cryptocurrency trading accessible to everybody. That’s why the registration process is so easy. Fill in your details in the home page, fund your account and start trading.

Account Types

PrimeCFDs offers six account types directed for every type of users parting from the novel traders that are just beginning till the most experienced ones that know exactly what they want.

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Mini Account

-Minimum deposit €250

gives you a flawless trading experience, with up to an 82% payout and added free access to the Trading Academy that will help you with your first steps in the CFD trading world. There is also a 24/7 support provided by chat , telephone or email.

Silver account

-Minimum deposit €2,500

Account  that is in the next level from the mini account more advanced account that gives you access to a big variety of trading tools and assets. Pay out  is  82% This account also provides a big selection of educational like video libraries, news and analysis from expert traders. These expert traders will also give out weekly webinars which we will have access to. The silver account will also will provide us with some of the very important trading signals that will help us win most of the trades and clear our path to success. As the mini account 24/7 support will be also provided. Last but not least we will be granted one session of 1 on 1 coaching to learn face to face from an expert.

Gold account

-Minimum deposit €10,000

A popular account among professional traders that Give out  free news and analysis, trading alert signals and a personal coach. Payout in this account is 84% . You will be provided with 1 to 1 coaching sessions 4 times a year. As the the silver and mini accounts you will have full access to the trading academy TM with , weekly webinars , video library and 24/7 support.

Platinum account

-Minimum deposit €25,000

Similar to the Gold account  in providing  payout of 84% in all trades and full learning  support from trading Academy TM (webinars, video library and trading signals). This account will also provide the quarterly 1 on 1 coach sessions. The difference is that this account includes portafolio structuring with analyst support and ACN (Electronic Communication Network) that will provide VIP signals via mobile and email.

Diamond account

-Minimum deposit €50,000

This account Is meant for the big traders that make trades with large amounts of money and that expect the best this platform has to give. Available for a select group  of professional traders that that perfectly know what they are doing and that are willing to do trades of thousands of euros at a time. For them this account offers everything the diamond account offers plus 3 great characteristics.

Traders with this account will have access to Limited trading assets that are exclusive for VIP members and that can geld the maximum profit. This account also will give top up an extra 3% to any payout received for a wining trade!. About the coaching experience this account provides unlimited one to one coaching sessions with the trading masters.

Rhodium account

-Minimum deposit $100,000

The top of the PrimeCFDs platform accounts. This account is also called the VIP account and its meant for the loyal big traders  that put all their trust in this platform by depositing amounts of $100,000+ and for that PrimeCFDs Rewards them greatly. This account provides everything that the gold, silver and diamond accounts provide but it adds 2 very special characteristics: Members will have access to Exclusive On-site seminars to meet face to face all the biggest trainers and other big traders, create VIP trading teams for exclusive information and signals. Members of the Rhodium account will be provided with the called Rhodium Debit Card. Thanks to this debit card users will be able to withdraw their earnings in a direct form from any ATM.


Check  the PrimeCFDs website for more details. The minimum deposit amount is the standard $250 and the deposit/withdrawal system is transparent and flexible.

What if you aren’t sure what account is best for you? The solution is simple, start trading and choose your account later. Alternatively, an account manager will be pleased to advise you.


Education Center

PrimeCFDs boasts of a very developed education center, aimed at helping traders, both beginners and more experienced, to develop and expand their trading skills.

  • Ebook

Download the most simplified and detailed guide of the trading industry. PrimeCFDs Guide to Trading will lead you step by step to your own trading portfolio. Knowledge is power and this platform will provide the best knowledge to form its users and give them the power to correctly trade.

  • Webinars

Traders also benefit from highly informative bi-weekly webinars given by a very experienced trader. Watch the webinar live or watch the recorded session in your own free time. The webinar will provide different strategies and methods to maximize our win rate.

  • Signals

Signals provided from the Trading academy TM that will help users to trade in the correct moments to maximize the profits and diminish the losses. This is a very important tool for our daily trading and is what most of the expert traders use for a better win rate.


Trading Bonus

As with many other brokers PrimeCFDs Can provide a Bonus for our initial investment. This bonus can add a 50% or 100% to our initial investment and it will help us make bigger trades and earn more when we win them. Remember that as all the bonus provided by brokers, if we accept them the bonus is subject by terms and conditions were we will have to trade with determined amounts before we can be able to withdraw our Earnings. Remember to be sure before accepting the bonus because as someone said once nothing is free in this world and everything has a cost.

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security primecfdsPrimeCFDs complies with international anti-money laundering regulations. As such their compliance department ensures that all documents identify traders as required. Additionally, traders’ deposits are held in segregated accounts for the utmost security. Take in mind before we can start trading  and/or withdraw our money our account must be verified.


PrimeCFDs accepts funds by credit or debit cards  such as VISA , MasterCard, Maestro and American express .  Bank wire transfer is also available.  Electronic wallets like Skrill, Webmoney, Cash U , Delta , Yandex and Qiwi are also acceptable. The minimum deposit is $250/€250. The minimum withdrawal sum is $100/€100. You may withdraw the full amount of your balance once all positions are closed.


To deposit is as easy as clicking on the deposit button select the money deposit method and clicking accept depending on the method we chose our account can be funded in a faster or slower way.


Once our account is verified to withdraw we just have to access the deposit withdraw section, set an amount and selecting the withdraw method. Take in mind that the minimum withdraw amount is of €100/$100.


Customer Support

Customer support is available 24/7 via email, telephone and live chat. To access the Chat or Callback facility you click on the chat tab, it will also pop up immediately upon opening the site. They will provide us answers to every question we may have and help in everything possible.

The support email Is and their support telephone number is +359 5291 9520 and their adress is  39 Alenko Konstantinov , sofia , Bulgaria.

Conclusion about PrimeCFD

The PrimeCFDs platform is extremely user-friendly and it provides trader with an effortless trading experience. The 24/7 support team is always on hand to guide and advise, with the added plus of the live webinars which we found extremely edifying and informative. It is supported through different devices as , laptops , tablets and mobile phones.

Its a great choice for every kind of user and will make things easier on the journey to success. The only issue that can be seen is that they don't provide a demo practice account to do a bit of trade testing before jumping in to the real thing. Its a young broker but it works hard to full fill the requisites for in the future become a great broker and satisfy even the more exigent traders.