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Trading Scams and Broker Scams Revealed and Exposed 2018

We have proposed to help you discover all the false platforms that are trying to steal your money and with its systems that are only made to take your money.

This section is the one that we are going to use with the target to analyze the different brokers that we find and that want to have completely controlled under our vigilant eye.

Also the trading systems are also going go through our hands, those typically miraculous guides to invest that assures impossible earnings in very short time frames.

Have you seen our brand-new area of

" We have evaluated a great deal of Platforms of Signals and desire to show you the 3 finest outcomes that we have gotten."



We know that, unfortunately, this financial sector is full of that kind of systems and and bad people that only want to take your money.

That’s why we are going to fight so that of them are left their respective punishment and that the fraud in Crypto Trading come to its end once and for all. Programs, infallible strategies, fake brokers … we will make them all fall in order to protect the sector of the Crypto Trading.

We will end with the fraud in Trading

hackers scam you with there brokersWe have a wide team of experts with a long trajectory in the Crypto Trading that can detect the Pirates who promise you will gain money fast and easy.

We know about many cases in which hackers and scammers try to steal and cheat the new investors, sometimes across legal gaps on which they rest so that you lose money while they gain it. We recommend you, before you start any type of operation , that first you do a review of our lists.

To gain money in Crypto Trading using strategies and systems to invest is possible, but it is necessary to bear much in mind in who we rely at the time of entrusting our capital.


  • Our lists and opinions will help you to detect any scam

For us the lists that we do of scams in Crypto Trading Are everything. Because in them we insure ourselves of making clear what are the brokers that do not deserve our trust and which of those have passed our quality controls and are suitable for investing.

Also we will uncover systems of trading, strategies to produce in Crypto Trading and miraculous software's that the only thing that they do is to cheat the users.

But especially we invite you to check the list of the Pirates and platforms of investment frauds and those frauds who have failed to our examination.

If you have are operating with any of these and have invested money in their platform, we recommend to you to do all the possible to save the maximum quantity that is in your hand. If we have come late and you have found out that they have already scammed you, we invite you to to check the list of other frauds to not fall down again in anything similar.


How do we avoid scams in Crypto trading

We would like you remember that it is very important to make sure about what broker of Crypto Trading offers before taking the decision to trust in him and to begin any investment process. There are too many people who cheat and try to scam.

Any of them do not even bother to try to show off that they are legal (it is only important for them to gain money at all costs), it is important to be cautious and to have in mind that the risk is real.

arrested broker scammer

But calm, because not all the brokers are scammers … there are many that are a 100 % legitimate and also we will give you the keys so that you detect which ones are the good ones and which are those that we must never, register in them.

We are traders like you and what we want is that all the weight of our person and experience falls down on those swindlers who are cheating with you and to allow you to invest calmly.

Have you seen our brand-new area of

" We have evaluated a great deal of Platforms of Signals and desire to show you the 3 finest outcomes that we have gotten."



We will Uncover the frauds in real time for you!

That our warnings, your opinions and And all the scams we are going to uncover serves so that other traders know what happens with each of those:

  • Not regulated Brokers
  • Miraculous Strategies or “infallible systems of investment”
  • Trading Softwares to gain money

Any that works offering services of Crypto Trading that are the real scams and that entail between a high loss risk for those who use them, they are going to fall down thanks to to the ONR community.

We think that this process is a solid team work . From here we have an excellent group of professionals that assembles some of the main specialists of the industry. They all have proposed to achieve that the Pirates are condemned and that see how its business / platform comes down to zero.

But we know that this mission is complicated and that there are many Pirates whom to punish. That's why we want that you also form part of our long way towards the struggle against the scam in Internet.


We Need your support to brake the rip-offs once and for all

internet thiefs that steal your moneyIf you have had a bad experience with a unregulated broker, a system or platform to invest that it seemed infallible and very profitable, some program of commerce that was promising astronomical profit and that we have not included in our list of scammers, we would like to know what has happened, how it has happened and which have been the results .

Your opinions and comments will help to that our team could begin with the investigation with the intention of discovering the identity of these pseudo-specialists in crypto investments whom to uncover in public.

When we receive this information from your part, we will start work to make sure that what they have done to you remains avenged and that we managed to put upside down the group of Pirates in question.

After all, we love the Crypto Trading and detest the scams but we are conscious that there are many opportunists that the only thing that they want is to scam innocent persons who, like us, want only to enjoy these crypto operations.

Frequent questions - FAQ

Here you have some of the most frequent doubts:

Is the Crypto Trading trustworthy?


safety check for broker scammersSurely YES, what is not a trustworthy is all the systems that we are going to analyze thoroughly to uncover and to deny its legitimacy. To invest in crypto trading can be a very lucrative business whenever there is the suitable knowledge that it is necessary to have to be able to go so far as to gain money. On the other hand, it is necessary to move away from all Pirate scammers of the crypto actions that circulate in the Internet.


Are the crypto actions secure?


your money is saved from brokersWhenever the investments are realized from regulated brokers, the investments in Crypto Trading are a 100 % secure. The problem comes when a user registers and deposits in a broker that is not legal, in this case it can go so far as to happen that the user is defrauded and that it loses the whole deposited capital or that it could not withdraw the obtained profit of the realized operations.

Are the crypto trading investments legal?


is it legal to trade with cryptoThe investments in binary are completely legal, since they are regulated by competent institutions like the CySec, the CNMV, etc. what is not  legal are the systems that promise millionaire profits in a few days or the software's that promise too optimistic results.

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  • Linda's Caroline

    May 15, 2021

    These people are such scammers. I made an investment of €75,000.00 and as soon as I said I wanted to withdraw my money, my account was emptied. The person I was speaking to is called David Stone. Since seeing my empty account I have not been able to get a hold of him on the phone despite him calling me so many times prior to try and get me to invest more money. He promised that I would be making a lot of money and that this investment especially in bitcoin has a guarantee in making double or triple and would definitely not fail. I’m shocked such unprecedented times where there is no work as this is the reason I wanted to make the withdrawal and he has shown no remorse or solution. Thank God to my colleague at work who directed me about this recovery expert, Mr. Raymond that helped him, i contacted him immediately, what surprised me most that I recovered my money that same week. You can contact him at and he will assist you on the steps to recover your invested funds. Good luck as you contact him for help.

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