Tauri Bot Trade Software Scam review 2018

TauriBot trade bot Scam review

Today we bring up a SCAM bot trade software from the list of scam brokers software’s that are in the market. This trading scam bot is called Tauri bot.

This is what they wrote in the first place:
After testing it i have concluded that it really works and it can help you earn a nice chunk of daily income. But first lets talk about how this bot was developed and which results it gives to normal people that have never traded before.



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There is no mayor facts about how the algorithm and data collection behave in the automated trading since 1989. Most experts suggest that only intelligent systems can be accurate  in predicting the direction of the markets. And all the derivative tradings. This software has been a experiment for many years  and it tested and it has been tested by many ordinary people and students. After several tests the developers of this software. Have concluded that ordinary students and people from different age ranges  and ethnic backgrounds have scored over 92.234% when they trade using tauribot.  
TauriBot can significantly asses the direction of the stock market using in binary options trading.

When will it be released?

The TauriBot still hasn't been released to the public. But like i'm a binary options reviewer i connected them and they are letting me test it. There is also space for another 50 testers  to quick testing the beta version of Tauribot. They told me that other testers are making about $150 a hour with this trading bot. I personally made over $400  in 5 hours of testing this robot so its still pretty good income.
If someone is interested in becoming a beta tester for this software. You can access the beta test page by clicking here or on the bottom of the page. I will provide you with a contact email in  case you want to contact directly with them.



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