Rumours of its existence have been around for months, but now the Sonos Sub Mini is official. Designed for smaller rooms and use with smaller soundbars and speakers, including the Sonos Ray, the Sub Mini is built to add low-frequency effects to your system.

The original Sonos Sub, which remains on sale, has been around for years. It’s a great subwoofer, adding a lot of extra bass to any Sonos speaker, yet it feels overkill for many rooms and speakers. That’s where the Sub Mini comes in.

Force-cancelling woofers

As with the original Sub, the Sub Mini has dual force-cancelling woofers (6-inch woofers, here). The woofers face each other, cancelling case vibration, buzzing and rattling. We’ve not had a chance to listen to the Sub Mini in action, but this technology worked well on the original Sub.

Sonos has tweaked the design for the Mini version, packing the speaker into a cylindrical case (305 x 230 x 230mm). Available in both black and white, the speaker looks great from the images that we’ve seen but misses out on one feature from the original Sub: you can’t lie it face down.

One of the big selling points of the original Sub was that you could attach the felt feet to the side of the Sub and then slide it under a sofa so that it was completely out of sight. It would have been nice if the same applied to the Sub Mini, which has to be stood upright.

Designed for smaller rooms

Both the Sub Mini and Sub have the same 25Hz low-end, but the big difference is in the power output. As such, the Sub is built for larger rooms and for use with higher-end products: Sonos recommends it’s used with the Arc, Beam (in a larger room), Five and Amp (with larger speakers).

Sonos recommends that the Sub Mini is used in small to mid-sized rooms and with the Beam, Ray, One, One SL, Amp (with bookshelf speakers) and Ikea Symfonisk speakers. 

As with the existing Sub, the Sub Mini can be quickly attached to a Sonos system and paired with a speaker, stereo pair or surround-sound set. For any Sonos speaker, the Sub Mini will automatically be configured with the correct crossover point; if you’re using an Amp with your own speakers, there’s a selection of crossover frequencies.

Once added, the Sonos Sub Mini is compatible with Trueplay, its sound adjusted automatically based on how sound reflects around your room.

Price and availability

The Sonos Sub Mini will cost £429 / €429 / $429 and will be available from 6 October. We’ll bring you a full review once samples are available.

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