According to the Gaming Insider report, this new “D” chassis PlayStation 5 console reportedly slated for a late 2023 debut will look identical to the consoles being sold at the moment. However, the biggest difference is, the leak claims, that it will support a detachable disc drive that can be hooked to it via a USB-C cable. Sony will reportedly sell the disc drive separately, and also as a bundle with the console. To recall, Sony quietly started selling a modified version of the PlayStation last year that has a smaller motherboard, tweaked SSD enclosure, and most importantly, more efficient thermal hardware.

Notably, Sony has allegedly designed the upcoming disc accessory in such a way that it will blend right in with the main console body and “will attach to it without looking internal,” the report claims. However, it is unclear what changes Sony is planning for the console’s design and whether it will be slimmer than the models that are currently on the market. We also don’t know if the rumored external disc drive will be compatible with the all-digital edition of the PlayStation 5 that is already on the shelves.

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