Coverage Strategy for Crypto Currency

Nobody is born dominating the financial operations, not even the traders that devote themselves to operate professionally in Crypto currency. Each and everyone of them have been novice and have had to learn very much to be able to get to where they are. Although the Crypto currency a type of very sure deals, they do not stop having a dangerous touch, especially when one is a beginner in what to investments it is referred.

The whole world coincides that to operate with Crypto currency is so simply that someone with little investments knowledge can work with them and bring in earnings. Be it for the beginners luck, for possessing very good intuition or for being provided with the assistance of a good broker; the are several reasons that can make that the first journeys of an investor turn out to be positive  and fruitful.

But by experience we know that for Crypto currency it is better to no leave anything at random. And what earlier was so easy as to ask the broker if it was a good idea or not, its transformed by the need to study if we are investing of correct form.

It is there where the strategies enter the game, they are necessary to obtain experience and a high level of wise moves, like for example the strategy of coverage, which is so simple to put into practice as effective.

How does the coverage strategy work?

It is already known, the Crypto currency is ruled with the motto of everything or nothing, win or lose. That is because the way of working with Crypto currency does not have any more mystery than to observe the behavior of assets, to invest the money in Call or Putt, to mark a time and to wait for the result.

This simplicity and rapidity is what calls greatly the attention of the beginners. These are the same that begin putting into practice strategies as simple as that of the coverage, which does not have any more mystery than to invested in call and putt simultaneously.

With this it does not matter if the action rises or falls in the selected time frame because, whatever we do, one of the selected investments will go out winning. The use of this method has the natural statistics of 50 % of win rate and 50 % of lose rate. This comes down as a 100 % wise move.

That is because the coverage tactics, or hedging, allow to operate with the safety of of always avoid losses because, whatever happens on the market in this time frame, the result will be always successful.


To whom is the coverage strategy directed to?

This strategy of Crypto currency is directed especially to those who think about how to start in the world of the investments in crypto. In the sector of the investments it is important to be wrong a few times to learn what the source of the error is and by this way we can correct it and to not commit it again.

But let's admit it, nobody likes losing when our money is in stake.

That’s why the coverage strategy is thought for those that begin in the exciting world of the crypto actions, because while they are generating benefits they are learning how to operate with the assets and how a small change on the market can change the value of the investment in a few seconds.

Who uses this strategy?

coverage strategy used by this guyAlthough the public who uses these tactics is not limited only to newcomers of the investments.  Also experienced on financial operations also bear in mind this strategy, since frequently it is the one that saves them from obtaining a bad result.

Because when starting an operation with call and putt selected, they choose the option that they believe that it will be the winning one hoping that it should not change in the pronounced time.

But since sometimes even the most experienced are surprised with a sudden change, some of them are those who quickly invest the same quantity of money in the opposite value to insure themselves of this way without generating losses and having a benefit minimum.

When to use it?

Although this strategy is thought for the newest investors, it is always good to kept it in the list of possible methods to use. Many professionals are those who always have a card under the sleeve for when the things twist or become ugly in a day with rapid and uncontrolled movements turning out to be very difficult to predict how the assets will behave.

That's why it is important to be sure to work from a beginning using these tactics, distributing this way the money between the asset we are going to spend on buying half and half, or if it is preferable to wait up to the last minute to see if the assets do not change our prediction or, in case it was doing it, to invest in the new tendency.

The latter case does not recommend to itself to be a habitual practice because it can make that we use more money than we wished to invested during the day.

Is it effective?

To lose and to win, two faces of the same coin. Although it looks like a lie, to use these tactics can bring benefits. Think that, the most experienced trader of crypto always makes investments that are not superior to 20 or 25 % of his total trading amount.

coverage strategy wins the gameIf they were using the method of the coverage they would use the same quantity but dividing it in two. A clear example, with a normal deal they were investing 20 dollars, in one of coverage they would invest 10 dollars in call and 10 dollars in putt, insuring itself so they will always have the benefit of one.

It is not the same to lose the whole inverted quantity that only the half: truth? That’s why this strategy is 100 % effective when approach the Crypto currency for the first times, to know how it works and to study its behavior and gaining experience.

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