Digging through the videos, we see several instances of combat, including some videos that show characters being tested in a sandboxed environment, inadvertently showcasing some of the combat moves players can expect to (possibly) arrive in the final version of the game. One clip shows the main character quickly toggling between a primary and secondary weapon, moving one to its shoulder as it grabs the other. This adjustment joins the aforementioned changes to the inventory system, which appears more complex than in previous installments, offering a design that seemingly makes it easier for players to rapidly access their preferred primary and secondary items.

The clips likewise indicate the player will be able to use larger weapons while leaning out of a moving vehicle, meaning the days of only being able to wield handguns and sub-machine guns while on the road are nearly behind us — assuming the feature makes its way into the final version of the game, of course. Speaking of firearms, it appears that the entire shooting experience may be far more polished than what we see in previous titles, which wouldn’t be surprising considering nearly a decade has passed since “GTA 5” was released. The leak includes multiple videos showcasing tests involving different firearms, highlighting what appears to be improved accuracy and refinements to recoil.

Weapons aside, we also see the characters assuming a variety of poses during combat, including everything from lying prone on the ground to crouching behind vehicles, sneaking behind walls, and crawling across the ground low enough to evade enemy fire. The videos also offer a brief look at players retrieving weapon items from the ground, which should help with impromptu battles.

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