A standout element from the leaked material, which is all over YouTube, Reddit, and Twitter now, is the female protagonist named Lucia. Of course, the upcoming game appears to stay loyal to the franchise’s ethos of letting players wreak havoc by hijacking random vehicles on the street and robbing banks. It is unclear if the leaked material is what the final game will look like, but the placeholders and other assets suggest that testing was done on Nvidia’s current-generation RTX 3000 series graphics cards. One of the test versions, as spotted by PCGamer, was also powered by a PlayStation 4 development kit.

In one of the leaked clips, a character named Jason can be seen having a conversation. Going by the tone and style of the chat, as well as settings like a strip club, it carries the signature GTA vibe. Multiple users have pointed out on social media that the debug code and interfaces, which are reminiscent of Rockstar’s Red Dead Redemption 2, further assert that the leak is real. Some of the files mention “Americas,” which was reportedly the codename of GTA 6 in the development phase. So far, neither Rockstar, nor Take-Two, have shared an official statement regarding the leak. Moreover, there is no word on an official release date for the highly-anticipated title, which is rumored to have been in development since 2014.

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