The answer to today’s Wordle puzzle (#453 – September 15, 2022) is doubt. It describes a delay in decision-making due to uncertainty, and it’s what most of us feel when we have to choose what to watch on Netflix. The word doubt is from the Middle English term “douten,” from Anglo-French’s “duter,” and from Latin’s “dubitare,” which means to be in doubt — that itself being similar to the Latin word “dubius,” which means to be dubious, according to Merriam-Webster.

Today we solved the puzzle in three guesses, a little faster than the 3.7 average that WordleBot reported. We started off on a great note, literally, with the word great — which turned out to be a great Wordle starting word. Next, we tried the word blunt, and that was a sharp enough guess to provide us with all of the info we needed to solve the puzzle on the third try. We wish you even better luck!

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