The solution to today’s Wordle puzzle (#457 – September 19, 2022) is trice. As a noun, it’s synonymous with “a heartbeat” or “a blink,” in the sense of describing something done swiftly. Of course, trice is not to be confused with the word thrice, which is an adverb of frequency used to qualify an action performed three times.

The word trice is from the Middle English word “trisen” or “tricen,” which means to pull; or from the Middle Dutch word “trisen,” meaning to hoist, according to Merriam-Webster. As with yesterday’s puzzle, it took us three tries to figure out the answer today. We decided to ditch the recommended starter words and instead kicked off guessing with a random entry: pouch. That turned one tile green, and we turned three more tiles green with our second guess “trick,” which supplied all of the info we needed to guess correctly on the third try. We hope you solve the puzzle in a trice because of this article, and have a great week!

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