The answer to today’s Wordle puzzle (#458 – September 20, 2022) is alike. The word is used to qualify something or someone as being very similar to another. The word has roots in the Old English words “anlig” or “onlic,” meaning similar or resembling, according to Etymonline. You’ll find alike in the popular phrase “look-alike,” which describes a person who bears a strong resemblance to another (especially a celebrity, like that viral Ryan Reynolds look-alike from TikTok).

Unlike yesterday’s puzzle, which only took us three attempts, we solved today’s puzzle in six attempts. We started guessing with the word grief, then followed up with the words shire, juice, and white before arriving at the answer, which was frustrating because we already had two correct letters down pat from the second guess. Still, we’re comforted that we solved the puzzle in time to preserve our streak and provide you with these pointers. WordleBot said it would have solved the puzzle in four guesses, but we hope you crush it in much fewer tries.

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