TopOption review for 2018

The world of binary options is full of services that give traders an interesting position about which one to chose to start in this passionate world. This world gives the chance to inexpert traders to start trading in a very easy way and get good results.


That is why we should always look for reliable online trading platforms and there is no kind of doubt that TopOption is one of the best online brokers in the world.

TopOption a legendary company

Not every binary options broker can say that it has 10 years since its release. This is great news because the binary options appeared in 2007 and TopOption was one of the first binary options brokers and the first European broker to get regulated. After 10 years TopOption still gives the best quality service and the most security for its users.


This is one of the first things that help us see that TopOption is a very solid company. Because it has been so many years in the market that it has a great experience and knowledge about how a good broker should be.

The TopOption like the best binary options brokers has its jurisdiction in Cyprus and it is CySEC regulated. To satisfy the users it uses a SpotOption software that has become one of the most loved software’s by the market experts.

It is considered by the experts the best broker of Europe.  Maybe this is a bit excessive but we can say without a doubt that this is one of the most recommended brokers.

Advantages of investing in binary options with TopOption

Now that we already know about the broker. The best thing to know how it works is registering and creating an account. The good news is that with TopOption the minimum deposit is much lower than with other brokers

The normal minimum deposit other brokers have is $250 but with this platform the minimum goes down to just $100. This is great news for people that don’t want to deposit so much money but they are eager to start trading with the binary options.

When starting to invest the minimum amount that we can invest is $5 and a maximum of $4000 this way you can appreciate there is a lot of flexibility when investing in this platform.


How to register on the platform

The registration process is very simple. One of the objectives of TopOption is that any person can enjoy trading with binary options. Its creators say that is why they only ask for a minimum of $100 deposit.

In this way everyone can start trading by just depositing this little amount of money. And with just a bit of luck we area able to double or triple those 100 dollars.

The TopOption Bonus.

The bonus we can get when we create an account in TopOption depends on the first deposit we do. For example if we deposit $200 we will get a bonus of 50% adding another $100 to our account. But if we deposit $500 we will get a bonus of 100% transforming our $500 in to a nice $1000.


Bu it doesnt end here, if we deposit $1000 or more we will still get a 100% bonus transforming it in to $2000 and this apply’s to any deposit over $500.

This bonus gives us much more liberty when trading and we have the chance to trade bigger amounts. When trading with bigger amounts. The earnings will also be much bigger and we will be able to earn money much faster than without the bonus.

Types of Accounts offered by TopOptions

In top options we have 3 types of account that we can work with. Each account is recommended for different type of users.

-Starter account

The first of the accounts is the starter one and we recommend it for everyone that is starting to trade and have no experience at all. We will receive the benefits of this account if we deposit a minimum of $100 and a maximum of $249. and they don’t aply any commissions or anything like that.

It also includes  an app for our phone so we can trade anywhere we want. We will also have access to different trading tools that will help us trade more easily.  We will also be provided with different E books with strategies and guides to become successful traders.

TopOption creator think that the educational formation is a very important thing that’s why they also provide us with videos and financial news.

-Pro Account

If we are a bit more expert in trading we have the chance to open a Pro account for this we need to deposit a minimum of 250 dollars and a maximum of 999 dollars. We will get all the benefits form the starter account plus other benefits like Advance trading guides.

This means that we can keep learning but in a much superior level. Something that is very beneficial because in the binary options trading we always have something new to learn. With the Pro account we will also get the experienced training of an expert trading manager for 3 hours.

In this time period we can talk to the trading manager of TopOption.  He will inform us about everything that we need to know and will solve any doubts we may have.

-VIP Account

Finally we have the VIP account that needs a deposit between 1000 and 5000 dollars to be accessed to. It is not an amount a lot of traders a have access to so you can imagine there is going to be very juicy benefits.

The VIP account includes all the benefits from the pro account and ads some master trading guides. This helps adquire a master knowledge of trading the time the expert trader will teach and advice us will be unlimited. This means we will always have an expert to our disposition to help us and solve every doubt we have till we become master traders ourselves.

With the VIP account we will get custom support even on weekends when the markets are closed and also receive trading signals from the trading central through SMS messages.

TopOption trading assets

When we start with a new broker its important to know which flexibility we are going to have. Because, nobody is attracted to something that is limited with the assets it is offering. The good news is that TopOption counts with a big variety of assets to trade with.

TopOption offers over 200 different assets to trade work with and like you could imagine it counts with the most famous trading assets in the market. The assets are divided in 5 categories: currencies, shares, materials, indexes and pairs. Inside each one of these categories we will find the most frequent assets that give us more trading benefits.

There is enough variety for us to search for the assets we are more comfortable with when trading. Giving more choices that we feel we are going to earn money with .

Type of operations available inside the platform

Another part were the broker has a lot of variety is in the types of operations we have available. This lets us choose the one that better suits us. If there is something special about binary options is that they provide enough flexibility for us to decide to operate in any way that we are comfortable with.


The broker has that in mind and it offers many possibility for us to decide how we want to operate. Something very positive when we what to chose one operation or another one totally different.

  • Up And Down Operations: that are the most common, were we are going to chose if the price of an asset will rise or drop in a certain period of time. It’s the first type of binary options that appeared and are the ones that a lot of online brokers still use.
  • High and Low Operations: in this case what we do is sett an intermediate point in which we are going to set an asset, this is a bit more complicated than the traditional options.
  • StrategyX platform: here we have access to a fast system to trade and organize our investments.
  • Short Term Operations: The short term operations are like the up and down operations but were trades happen in 30 seconds and 120 seconds.
  • Long Term Operations:  same system like the short term but this time the trades take from 1 to 48 hours.

With the different operation systems TopOption offers we will always find our ideal operation to trade with.

TopOption Demo account

Apart from E books and all the educational material that we get when we create an account of TopOption. We also have the chance to open a demo account were we can have a taste of what is like to trade with binary options. This gives us the tranquillity of knowing that the money we invest is not real. This will allow us to practice and implement strategies till we decide we are ready for the real thing.

Top option regulation

There is a lot of scams in the binary options trading world that’s why it is only recommended to use the most trustful and regulated brokers.topoption

Top option is CySEC regulated and its license number is 296/16. This meaning that the money we deposit will be under strict supervision by the binary options regulation centre that is in Cyprus. This is a very important regulation for all the European brokers and thanks to it we can put all our trust in this binary options broker.


Final conclusion

To deposit and withdraw money we can use different methods like visa or MasterCard credit cards, neteller the online wallet. To withdraw money we will have to wait 3 days to see it in our bank account.

We can say TopOption is one of the most solid brokers that we can find in the market. Thanks to over 10 years of experience this broker knows how to do things well to satisfy its clients and the CySEC regulation makes it a safe option to trade with.


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