Gemini Review 2018

What is Gemini Electronic trading platform?

Gemini is a new crypto trading Electronic trading platform that was released 1 month ago and its already creating a great discussion among the professional traders. This Electronic trading platform gives you a 100% win chances. Yes you heard me right 100% win chance with the binary trades.

This software comes from america all the way from Silicon Valley. And is been created by an ex-google employee. For the moment no one that is using this system has lost any money. This my friend is a never seen in the crypto trading world.

How does Gemini Electronic work?

Gemini binary trading software works using the instructions of a special code that creates an algorithm that can calculate the chances of wining a trade. This code was created for the software to only trade with wining trades. it means that if there is a moment were the trade can be lost the software wont proceed to do the trade.

The software i pretty easy to use, it comes with simple platform that is very easy to use.  Now you can set how much you want the trading software to trade for you. Then you set it on auto trade and then you just have to wait to see the money coming in.

How do I get paid?

Gemini company has a transference contract with the bank this means that you will get your money in less than 24 hours instead of the normal of 72 hours. This way once you set how much money you want to withdraw and press the button get my money now that a pears on the top part of the trading platform and you will get it in a couple of hours.

Also you will get a free bonus from the broker that is assigned to you. Apart from this i can say its totally worth it. Because its a simple way to trade without much knowledge.

You wanna join this platform? Click here [gemini]

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