What is MT4? Review 2018

MT4 Review

Mt4 comes from Meta Trader 4 it was released in 2005. Its a software trading platform  that is used by foreign exchange traders. The software has 2 parts a client and a server. The server is for the brokers and the client is for the customers.With the mt4 software you can see live streaming charts and prices were you can place your orders and manage your account.

The client can be used only with windows operating system but there is unofficial versions that have been made for Mac Os.



With this software you can provide 2 types of trading orders. pending orders , market orders. its very good to have more than one option.

Pending orders: This order will only be executed when the price reaches a level set by you.

Market orders: Can be executed in 4 different modes:mt4

  • Instant execution : the execution will be with the price seen on the platform.
  • Request execution: you can execute a market in 2 steps.  Price of quote is requested then, then you decide if you want to buy or sell.
  • Market execution: you will execute with the price of the broker even if is displayed differently on the platform. this way you can trade without any requotes.
  • Exchange execution: an external execution facility  will be process the order this order will appear as processed.


Finally my personal thoughts on the mt4:

MT4 is a very powerful tool that someone with enough experience and information can earn good money using it. Be aware this software is not for beginners it s pretty complicated to use but it gives very good results. So if you really want to earn good money get a guide or a teacher, learn how it works and start earning money in the forex world.

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Review by John Barksdale.


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