Binary strategies part 2 – Algorithmic and signals

Here I present another Crypto trading guide: [Webinar2018]

Algorithmic and signals

There is some apps that are good for trading or analysing the data from the market. Some people find it appropriate to invest in this app. The app gets installed in your computer  and starts gathering you want. After it analyses it will come up with the best outcomes. It analyses technical and and fundamental data. The app will chose for you a trade you want to trade in. And you can design the app so it can trades for you on autopilot. But for this you have to update regularly the data  where the app analyses  the details. Now I  present the second Crypto trading guide of strategies.

Crypto trading guide

Co integration trading strategy

If in the market there is 2 stocks that have a high correlation. This is because these stocks are in the same industry and are will be traded in the same market. This affects the trade in many factors in the same way. Because the high correlation between this pair of stocks, you can see that whenever there is a gap between 2  it will close very soon. The gap is caused because one of the stocks gets weaker temporarily. The main part of the strategy is to identify the gap.

Once the gap is identified its time to buy the call option  for the stock that is weak or the put button if the stock has a high price and its going to go down . Soon the two a assets will be stable again and the gap will be closed.

Final note:

To properly use these strategies there is a lot of research involved and they are not for beginners. Once you have some experience you can try these strategies and start earning thousands of dollars every day with them.

To use these strategies you need a binary broker to trade with. [clickhere1] for a full list of the best binary brokers.

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