Binary strategies part 3 – Basic Options

Strategy of Basic Options

This is the last strategy of this first batch of binary options strategies to get quick money.

Review of Basic options strategy

This is a popular strategy in the binary options world and its quite simple to make quick money. Its designed and used by the traders to safeguard them from incurring total losses with the investments. The trader pics a asset that is interesting for him and then follows the market movement and if the strike price heads towards a good direction. Then you must place call or put depending if is going up or down.

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Let me put an example so you can understand it better:

Imagine the USD/EUR currency is going up at 1:3000. Then you place the call trade for $100 and this will expire in 30 minutes. The payout of the trade is 70% of earning if you win and 15% if you lose. After the first 15 minutes the asset has risen up to 1:3015 that is still good. After a specific time you have to buy and put another trade position for the same asset at 1:3015 expiring in 15 minutes at $100. The payout is the same as the one of the call option.

After the 30 minutes has passed there will be to possible results:

The first result would be that the 30 minutes call option wins and the 15 minutes put losses you will earned $185 from the 70% call earning. Counting as well the 15% of the consolation refund of the option settled on put. The opposite would be that the put option wins and the call option losses.

The second result would be that Both  call and put win the trade. You would earn $340 ($170 + $170) this makes a revenue of $140. ITs very hard to lose the 2 options, and the normal risk of lose is only 15 dollars to win $140.

This strategy is the most convenient for new comers that are trying out the binary options world. Its the most simple strategy were the trader does not have to research the markets.

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Review by John Barksdale

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