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Binary options strategies investors opportunity – Basic CFD trading strategies

Fundamental Analysis Strategy
(basic CFD trading strategies)

These binary options strategies uses the analysis of  behaviour of the performance and attributes of a determined company. Binary options investors are interested in the income statement and cash flow statement of the company. Before buying an option. Other factors to also bear in mind are are the employee and  business partners satisfaction. This strategy tries to look at the whole picture.of a company that you are investing in. If the company has some internal problems soon the price will definitely go down this way you place your trade on call.

This binary options trading strategy is all about information. If you have the right data about a company you can oversee if that commodity is going to go up or down. With the right information you can earn thousands of dollars every day that’s why they say that information is power.

binary options trading strategy

Technical analysis strategy

This strategy is the most popular in the binary options world.  It focuses mainly in the study of the past using charts in to predict the future price of an asset. The strategy is very useful in the binary options world because traders don’t have to go in the companies financial records . For analysing correctly the charts there is some smart tools that can help you. These tools include the bollinger bands, the Japanese candles.

This is one of the most successful binary options strategies. Because if you have the necessary tools you can always know if the price is going up or down. This way successful traders make thousands of dollars every day. But they put a lot of time in analysis the charts.

Algorithmic and signals

For the best binary options strategies calculations for full risk management is needed. There is some apps that are good for trading or analysing the data from the market. Some people find it appropriate to invest in this app. The app gets installed in your computer  and starts gathering you want. After it analyses it will come up with the best outcomes. It analyses technical and and fundamental data. The app will chose for you a trade you want to trade in. And you can design the app so it can trades for you on autopilot. But for this you have to update regularly the data  where the app analyses  the details. Now I  present the second binary options guide of strategies.

binary options guide

Co integration trading strategy

If in the market there is 2 stocks that have a high correlation. This is because these stocks are in the same industry and are will be traded in the same market. This affects the trade in many factors in the same way. Because the high correlation between this pair of stocks, you can see that whenever there is a gap between 2  it will close very soon. The gap is caused because one of the stocks gets weaker temporarily. The main part of the strategy is to identify the gap.

Once the gap is identified its time to buy the call option  for the stock that is weak or the put button if the stock has a high price and its going to go down . Soon the two a assets will be stable again and the gap will be closed.

Review of Basic binary options strategies

This is a popular strategy in the binary options world and its quite simple to make quick money. Its designed and used by the traders to safeguard  them from incurring total losses with the investments. The trader pics a asset that is interesting for him and then follows the market movement and if the strike price heads towards a good direction. Then you must place call or put depending if is going up or down.

quick money

Let me put an example so you can understand it better:

Imagine the USD/EUR currency is going up at 1:3000. Then you place the call trade for $100 and this will expire in 30 minutes. The payout of the trade is 70% of earning if you win and 15% if you lose .  After the first 15 minutes the assets has risen up to 1:3015 that is still good. After a specific time you  have to buy and put another trade position for the same asset at 1:3015 expiring in 15 minutes at $100. The payout is the same as the one of the call option.

After the 30 minutes has passed there will be to possible results:

The first result would be that the 30 minutes call option wins and the 15 minutes put losses you will earned $185 from the 70% call earning. Counting as well the 15% of the consolation refund of the option settled on put. The opposite would be that the put option wins and the call option losses.

The second result would be that Both  call and put win the trade. You would earn $340 ($170 + $170) this makes a revenue of $140. ITs very hard to lose the 2 options, and the normal risk of lose is only $15 dollars to win $140.

This strategy is the most convenient for new comers that are trying out the CFD trading world. Its the most simple strategy were the trader does not have to research the markets.

The trading calendar

Hello today I am bringing you another binary options strategy to earn cash online.  I hope you are getting profitable with another review of the different binary options online strategies. It has all to do with the timing of the trades and which days is better not to trade. The binary options world gets very influenced with the events that happen every day around the world. For example a on going war, a terrorist attack, a new president elected, new political laws, new oil and gold discoveries, changes in a multinational company etc….

earn cash online

That’s why is better to read economics magazines and have the tv with the news on. This way you can prevent on trading a losing option and always be ahead of the rest.

Never trade during presidential speeches , meetings, lectures, debates. This could originate a sudden variation of the direction. And would make you lose the options you are trading with and doesn’t matter what strategy you are using because it will fail.

Never trade on Friday evening. When the markets are about to close, because they will get lower as the day goes on. For trading the best time is on Monday morning when the market has refreshed itself. And the trades tend to go up.

I always say that for trading binary options you have to have a complete knowledge about the markets. And how they are affected by the world events. That is why if a strategy is not working it maybe be a exterior problem and nothing to do with the strategy itself. The same with automatic trading software, put it on pause wen ever these kind of events are going on.

Option Straddle Trading Strategy

One of the most common binary options strategies Today I am adding another strategy to the list, this strategy is called option straddle trading strategy and uses the volatility of the market. this review will show you how this strategy works and were to use it.

You have to apply this strategy while the market is on volatility mode and always before the broadcast of important new related to the stocks specifically. This is a very much used strategy in the binary options world.  In this strategy you also must not trading on CALL or PUT  but instead use the selected asset and trade on both.

You have to use Put when the asset increases value, there is belief that it will start dropping very soon.  After setting the decline option you have to place the call option. This will result in the bounce back of the price of the option. It can also be done on the reverse way , by placing ALL on a those assets priced low and PUT on the rising asset value.

option straddle

This gives you enhanced chances  of success in at least a trade option and producing an in the money result. This strategy is admired by many trader from around the world when the market goes up and down.

With this strategy you can be at the head of everyone else. Because you can predict when the price will rise or go down. I recommend this strategy over most of the others because its very accurate.

Trading with binary options is more complicated than it seems, if you want a profit of course. That is why the best way to earn a good profit with binary options is using a strategy.

Binary options Risk Minimize

Hello and welcome to my reviews page. Today i’m going to start something different because lately i have been reviewing a lot of binary options brokers and software’s that could help you earn thousands of dollars if its done correctly.  And to do this correctly you will need a strategy and some extra tips for it to go good. First I will explain the way to minimise risks and then i will explain the first of many strategies of my list.


How Can I minimise the binary options risk ?

With these effective strategies i am going to provide can help you make better returns from your investments. There is some methods to identify different signals from the market guide.  This will help you make good moves on the binary options trading.

Before we start with the strategies you have to understand that binary options present some risks but  I will show you a list of tips to minimise your trading risk when applying one of the strategies.

  • Review your trading asset before to investing.
  • Never invest all your money at once.
  • Invest only 5 or 10% of your total trading capital.

So the trick is not to get to happy and start trading big amounts , because if the strategy fails in that moment you will lose a lot of money that will be hard to get back. But if you only trade with a 10%  losing it wont be much of a problem to get back the money.

Next post  i will start with the 2 first strategies! keep tuned on!. If you want to start with binary options its the perfect moment because there is one of the best brokers that is giving a free bonus for everyone that registers. If you are interested click here and follow the strategies i will publish these next days.

The Hedging strategys

This strategy is used by binary corporation traders, investors and the traditional stocks exchange. This strategy is executed by placing put or call on the same asset at the same time. And it doesn’t matter the direction of the value the trade will en with a successful result. With this the user protects itself when investing and it doesn’t matter what happens at the end of the trade you will not lose money. It is refereed like the insurance method by some traders.

Risk reversal strategy

This is one of the best strategies out there among the successful traders. Its main objective is to lower the risk when trading and increasing the chance of wining. The strategy is based on putting CALL an PUT simultaneously on an asset. This is most beneficial for fluctuating values. binary options can have 2 possible results and trading on a two for two opposite’s prediction over an asset at once. This method will guarantee that you will always  have to outcomes. Wining  one trade an losing the other and not losing but not wining money. And the outcome where you win the 2 trades.

These are two simple strategies for people that want to win the 75% of the trades with out to much knowledge about the binary options world. This is the best way to start in the binary options trading and get some daily money from home.

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