CFD strategies Trading Calendar – part 4

The trading calendar

Hello today I am bringing you another CFD strategy to earn cash online. I hope you are getting profitable with another review of the different CFD online strategies. It has all to do with the timing of the trades and which days is better not to trade. The CFD world gets very influenced with the events that happen every day around the world. For example a ongoing war, a terrorist attack, a new president elected, new political laws, new oil and gold discoveries, changes in a multinational company etc….

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That’s why is better to read economics magazines and have the tv with the news on. This way you can prevent on trading a losing option and always be ahead of the rest.

Never trade during presidential speeches, meetings, lectures and debates. This could originate a sudden variation of the direction. And would make you lose the options you are trading with and doesn’t matter what strategy you are using because it will fail.

Never trade on Friday evening. When the markets are about to close, because they will get lower as the day goes on. For trading the best time is on Monday morning when the market has refreshed itself. And the trades tend to go up.

I always say that for trading CFD you have to have a complete knowledge about the markets. And how they are affected by the world events. That is why if a strategy is not working it maybe be a exterior problem and nothing to do with the strategy itself. The same with automatic trading software, put it on pause wen ever these kind of events are going on.

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