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Crypto strategies part 1 – Fundamental and Technical analysis

Today I am explaining and reviewing two Crypto trading strategies that if done properly they can give out great earnings:

Fundamental Analysis Strategy

This strategy uses the analysis of behaviour of the performance and attributes of a determined company. Crypto trading investors are interested in the income statement and cash-flow statement of the company. Before buying an option. Other factors to also bear in mind are are the employee and business partners satisfaction. This strategy tries to look at the whole picture.of a company that you are investing in. If the company has some internal problems soon the price will definitely go down this way you place your trade on call.

This Crypto trading strategy is all about information. If you have the right data about a company you can oversee if that commodity is going to go up or down. With the right information you can earn thousands of dollars every day that’s why they say that information is power.

Crypto trading trading strategy

Technical analysis strategy

This strategy is the most popular in the Crypto trading world.  It focuses mainly in the study of the past using charts in to predict the future price of an asset. The strategy is very useful in the Crypto trading world because traders don’t have to go in the companies financial records. For analysing correctly the charts there is some smart tools that can help you. These tools include the bollinger bands, the Japanese candles.

This is the most successful strategy. Because if you have the necessary tools you can always know if the price is going up or down. This way successful traders make thousands of dollars every day. But they put a lot of time in analyzing the charts.

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