CFD Strategy part 7 Hedging strategie

2 Small CFD Strategies

Hello this is the review number 7 of  binary trading strategies. Today i bring to you 2 small strategies for CFD trading. these strategies are called Risk reversal strategy and hedging strategies.

The Hedging strategy

This strategy is used by binary corporation traders, investors and the traditional stocks exchange. This strategy is executed by placing put or call on the same asset at the same time. And it doesn’t matter the direction of the value the trade will en with a successful result. With this the user protects itself when investing and it doesn’t matter what happens at the end of the trade you will not lose money. It is refereed like the insurance method by some traders.

How To Hedge Strategies?

Risk reversal strategy

This is one of the best strategies out there among the successful traders. Its main objective is to lower the risk when trading and increasing the chance of wining. The strategy is based on putting CALL an PUT simultaneously on an asset. This is most beneficial for fluctuating values. CFD can have 2 possible results and trading on a two for two opposite’s prediction over an asset at once. This method will guarantee that you will always  have to outcomes. Wining  one trade an losing the other and not losing but not wining money. And the outcome where you win the 2 trades.

These are two simple strategies for people that want to win the 75% of the trades with out to much knowledge about the CFD world. This is the best way to start in the CFD trading and get some daily money from home.

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