CFD strategies part 5 – Option Straddle Trading

 Option Straddle Trading Strategy

Today I am adding another strategy to the list, this strategy is called option straddle trading strategy and uses the volatility of the market. this review will show you how this strategy works and were to use it.

You have to apply this strategy while the market is on volatility mode and always before the broadcast of important new related to the stocks specifically. This is a very much used strategy in the CFD world.  In this strategy you also must not trading on CALL or PUT  but instead use the selected asset and trade on both.

You have to use Put when the asset increases value, there is belief that it will start dropping very soon.  After setting the decline option you have to place the call option. This will result in the bounce back of the price of the option. It can also be done on the reverse way , by placing ALL on a those assets priced low and PUT on the rising asset value.

option straddle

This gives you enhanced chances  of success in at least a trade option and producing an in the money result. This strategy is admired by many traders from around the world when the market goes up and down.

With this strategy you can be at the head of everyone else. Because you can predict when the price will rise or go down. I recommend this strategy over most of the others because its very accurate.

Trading with CFD is more complicated than it seems, if you want a profit of course. That is why the best way to earn a good profit with CFD is using a strategy.

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Review by John Barksdale

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